Covid Commentary: What do we know about “breakthrough” hospitalizations and deaths in PA?

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – A month ago, the PA. Dept of Health proudly unveiled their Covid-19 “Post-Vaccination” data page; but the data needs […]

JEM Construction is happy to announce Claudia Rivera as People and Culture Coordinator

Camp Hill, Pa. – JEM Group is very happy to announce Claudia Rivera as our new People and Culture Coordinator. Claudia will enrich JEM’s culture […]

Thousands of Pa. parents chase promise of “protection”; but risks loom

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – Almost 20,000 parents have chased down the supposed “protection” promised by the Covid-19 vaccine for children, ages 5-11; but […]

Mastriano’s medical freedom rally sends a message, stirs the crowd

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – Stop the medical tyranny. Stop the mandate. Stand up now. That was the message that rang loud and clear […]

Developer, and incumbent mayor’s wife bolster write-in campaign with last-minute cash

Harrisburg, Pa. – Incumbent Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse has filed campaign finance reports for the 2021 mayoral election. Real estate developer Alex Hartzler, and Catherine […]

Florida school board member takes elementary school students on field trip to gay bar: ‘SO honored’ | Fox News

A Florida school board member accompanied a group of elementary school children to a field trip to a gay bar, according to photos of the […]

Rep. Jim Banks: “The title of first female 4-star officer gets taken by a man.”

Congressman Banks’ tweet about the facts of Levine’s promotion was deleted by Twitter, and his account was suspended for engaging in “hate conduct.”

Summer Lee supports the Green New Deal; AOC retweeted her campaign ad for U.S. Congress

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Second-term state Rep. Summer Lee announced her 2022 campaign for U.S. Congress by releasing a statement and video Tuesday morning that highlighted […]

AOC often talks on the phone with friend Bernie Sanders because he “makes me happy”

AOC posted to her Instagram story Uhhhhhhhh what’s going on here — Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) October 22, 2021

Marc Scaringi: PennLive article characterized parents who protest school board as Nazis

By: Marc A. Scaringi Camp Hill, Pa – On Oct. 22, 2021, PennLive published an article entitled, “A new battleground: Pa. school board races mirror […]

Mall Shooting: Mother, daughter’s friends hid on floor of PacSun fitting room for hours, absolutely terrified, no cell service

By: Sean Guay Lancaster, Pa – Three people were shot, and others were injured in a stampede after gunfire broke out from multiple shooters in […]

DePasquale campaigned door to door endorsing school board candidates in Camp Hill on Saturday

Camp Hill, Pa – Former Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale was inspired to campaign on behalf of local school board candidates in the borough of […]

Camp Hill school board candidates backtrack support of CRT, transgender athletes

By: Sean Guay Camp Hill, Pa – A cloud of controversy looms over the Camp Hill School Board election after a mystery letter was mailed […]

Camp Hill Mystery Letter: News-grabbing stunt? Or legit mail campaign?

By: Caroline Machiraju Camp Hill, Pa. – Camp Hill, the idyllic West Shore suburb, with its Mr. Rogers-esque neighborhood feel, has a hot political divide, […]

DOH: Breakthrough hospitalizations spike & will climb, but vaccine still “highly effective”

HARRISBURG, Pa. – More than a quarter of those hospitalized with Covid-19 are vaccinated “breakthrough” infections, according to a report issued today by the state […]

Moms for Liberty Rally set for Saturday; Camp Hill chapter among its growing legion

By: Caroline Machiraju CAMP HILL, Pa – A Moms for Liberty (M4L) chapter has formed locally, amid overreaching state and local controls being imposed on […]

MASD minor threatened with forced quarantine at “place” chosen by DOH, if not compliant

By: Caroline Machiraju MECHANICSBURG, Pa. – Compulsory quarantining at a designated “place” chosen by the state Department of Health has been threatened in a letter […]

Breakthrough cases hover at 25%; but a whopping 22% have “unknown” vaccination status at PSH

By: Caroline Machiraju HERSHEY, Pa – “Breakthrough” cases make up more than a quarter of hospitalizations at Penn State Health System, per their Covid-19 dashboard; […]

Pro-life student calls out Pitt and UPMC’s “Unethical” research work harvesting baby tissue

By: Caroline Machiraju HARRISBURG, Pa. – Harvesting baby tissues. Growing baby’s skin on mice. That was some of the graphic imagery one student pro-life activist, […]

Magnolia’s Jewelers in Carlisle, Pa. is keeping it 100 for Christmas

Need Christmas cash? Magnolia’s Jewelers will buy your gold and other jewelry.

“Breakthrough” Covid Admissions Pass the Quarter Mark at LGH; 25% also in ICU

“Breakthrough” cases now make up more than a quarter of hospitalizations at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital, according to their Covid dashboard data.

VIDEO: AOC crying on House floor after voting to fund Israel’s Iron Dome Defense Systems

AOC appears to be crying on the House floor after she voted 'present' for funding to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome Defense Systems — VINnews […]

Kids’ cases are rising; but that means a trip to the couch, not the ER

By: Caroline Machiraju HARRISBURG, Pa. – Most children shrug off the Covid virus with little more than sniffles. Some may have a sore throat, some […]

Keeping tabs on breakthroughs and variants in Central Pa.

Photo credit: UPMC Media Relations – May 21, 2021 BY: Caroline Machiraju HARRISBURG, Pa. – While mainstream media is continuing its barrage of fire-screaming headlines […]

Biden’s plan to use OSHA to enforce COVID mandates is NOT about workplace safety

Joe Biden’s 6 Point Plan to combat COVID is nothing but a ploy to force the private sector to do the bidding of Big Pharma.

Breakthrough deaths and hospitalizations jump in Pennsylvania

Breakthrough deaths see 87 count jump since July’s end; but official “cumulative” analysis hides it.

EMS Chief: Full emergency room at every hospital in central Pennsylvania

Expiring COVID-19 waivers, and new vaccine mandates could make Pa. health-care staffing shortages worse.

Penn State Health: Kids represent small fraction of inpatient COVID cases, most recover at home

Caroline Machiraju interviewed Scott Gilbert of Penn State Health and Maggi Barton, Deputy Press Secretary at Pa DOH to get answers about the severity of COVID cases affecting children in Pennsylvania.
Machiraju’s findings contradict a recent report suggesting that hospitals are overrun with children suffering from COVID, and calls into question the justification of Governor Wolf to mandate masks for students in Pennsylvania.

Science or smoke? Seeking clarity on kids’ experience with COVID in Pennsylvania

“Most children recover at home,” said Scott Gilbert of Penn State Health.
Three children are diagnosed with COVID-19 at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital in Hershey, compared with zero pediatric COVID patients at Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center and Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center.

Pa. Attorney General vowed to use powers as an elected official to battle “extremist Republicans”

“As long as I’m in elected office, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure they don’t,” Shapiro tweeted.

Pa. school district has suspended its critical race theory equity council amid parent’s objections

In response to objections of parents in the Camp Hill School District, a recently formed Equity Advocacy Council (EAC) has been suspended indefinitely.

AOC on Critical Race Theory: “Why don’t Republicans want kids to know how to not be racist?”

WATCH: Rep @AOC on Critical Race Theory: "Why don't Republicans want us to learn how to not be racist? Why don't Republicans want kids to […]

PA mother who may pull kids out of public schools over critical race theory appears on Fox & Friends

A Pennsylvania mother said Tuesday that she may pull her children out of a high-ranking public school system in the state over her concerns about critical race theory.  […]

Wolf, Shapiro, Dr. Levine criticized by PA attorney who pleads to not be arrested at rally to stop critical race theory

He drew back his public criticism of top Pennsylvania officials as a loud group of protesters approached the crowd. “Please don’t arrest or cancel me,” Pa attorney Marc Scaringi said.

Thousands of ballots were damaged in Arizona, then duplicated with missing or illegible serial numbers

Without matching serial numbers it cannot be determined if a ballot has been duplicated once or ten times.

BIPOC fund launched to pay bail for black, indigenous, and other people of color

Lancaster, Pa – The Central Pennsylvania Equity Project bail fund has a $50,000 goal, which will be divided into a general fund and specific funds […]

Facebook faces lawsuit for suspending user who cited lack of evidence for masking children | Just The News

An influential COVID policy skeptic is threatening to sue Facebook for suspending his account based on a graphic he posted Tuesday, titled “Masking Children is […]

Middletown mayor proposes RV campground at community pool site with kayak launch, mini golf

Middletown, Pa – Mayor James Curry today announced plans to survey borough residents regarding a proposal for the community pool that would create an RV […]

Arizona audit found thousands of duplicated ballots without serial numbers | Just The News

Thousands of ballots were damaged in Arizona, then duplicated with missing or ineligible serial numbers

Harrisburg Picture of the Day: Domes on State Street

Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick Pennsylvania’s State Capitol Pennsylvania State Capitol Supreme Court Chamber Pennsylvania State Capitol East Wing Dome Reservoir Park Amphitheater

School Board Director referenced airline policy to justify masking of children

Camp Hill, Pa – Last night’s West Shore School Board meeting devolved to shouting and accusations being made by school board directors and public commenters. […]

Legal defense team prepared to defend teachers who refuse to teach critical race theory

Harrisburg, Pa – Scaringi Law, a Pennsylvania based law firm, is setting up a legal defense team to defend any teacher who refuses to teach […]