Alvaro Pastry and Bread robbed by three males in black ski masks on Green St., Harrisburg

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Three males wearing black ski masks robbed the Alvaro Pastry and Bread Shoppe at the corner of Green and Peffer St. in […]

Anti-pumpkin spice protest in Harrisburg draws interest of Dauphin County official

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – An anti-pumpkin spice protest has caught the attention of Dauphin County Prothonotary Matt Krupp, who shared a photograph of a man in […]

SUV plows through Mr. Patel’s smoke shop on Eisenhower Blvd.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Matt Moyer with Channel 5 Rachet News was first on the scene of what appears to be a smash-and-grab burglary involving an […]

Mastriano on TikTok: You know it’s serious when the Amish are voting for the first time

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – In a video that has 100,000’s of views and likes on TikTok, the Amish paradise theme song accompanies photographs of State Senator […]

Rep. Patty Kim voted No tax breaks for small businesses in Pennsylvania; House majority voted Yes

House panel approves bills that would cut taxes for small businesses. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – In a series of party-line or near party-line votes, a House […]

Cowboys LB Micah Parsons on 49ers: “I’m from Harrisburg. Where the bully gets bullied.”

Cowboys LB Micah Parsons on 49er playing bully ball: “I’m from Harrisburg. Where the bully gets bullied. I ain’t never back down from a challenge.”

VIDEO: Employees, cops attempt to break up group brawl at McDonald’s in Harrisburg

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Originally reported by Matt Moyer from Channel 5 Rachet News Station, who says, “Stay Safe, Stay Abreast.” WATCH:

Kanye West plans to meet with Putin, make Russia his “second home”

By: Trent Fitzgerald, Colin Stutz Kanye West is reportedly headed to Russia to meet the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, and find himself a new home. According […]

Russia claimed a possible pathogen leak occurred at military lab in Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan denies facility was seized by rioters

MSN Officials in Kazakhstan have denied that a controversial ‘military biological laboratory’ was seized in the recent unrest, which has so far claimed 160 lives […]

VIDEO: Security forces shoot at journalist in Kazakhstan

One report called the security forces Russian, however that claim was disputed. According to another source, “These are Kazakh forces, but they did not arrest […]

Photo: Biden’s posing with former Kazakhstan head of intelligence, now arrested for treason

Kazakhstan’s former intelligence chief has been arrested on suspicion of treason following nationwide anti-government protests.

AP Fact Check vindicated Dr. Malone’s claims of ‘mass formation psychosis’

CLAIM: The concept of “mass formation psychosis” explains why millions of people believe in a mainstream COVID-19 “narrative” and trust the safety and efficacy of […]

China poised to dominate space race by using Moon rocks for nuclear fuel

Helium-3 is not radioactive, and is speculated to be abundant on the moon.

17 members of Congress would be elected by a statewide vote rather than by district without redistricting agreement

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – What happens if the governor and lawmakers can’t agree on how to change the state’s Congressional maps? Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, the […]

Harrisburg Drug Dealer Affiliated With Local Rap Group Sentenced To Over 11 Years’ Imprisonment

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced that Kaleaf Brown, age 26, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was sentenced […]

Confidential $500k settlement between Virginia Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein made public | US News

Virginia Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts, is suing the Duke of York for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager – claims […]

Hershey Bears remain perfect against the Scranton Pens, win 6-1 on Wednesday night

Hershey, Pennsylvania – The Hershey Bears closed 2021 on a high note, winning 6-1 over the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins on Wednesday night at GIANT Center. Hershey […]

Miss Nika sets the record straight regarding HMAC event – “Not a rap concert; No gunshots”

The sound of gunfire in the neighborhood may be related to a nearby fatal shooting that occurred as the event was ending, and other reported shootings that occurred that evening just blocks from the HMAC.

VIDEO: Rap concert in Harrisburg ends with fight on stage, gunshots in parking lot

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A show at the HMAC club in Midtown Harrisburg on Sunday evening ended with a fight onstage, followed by the sound of […]

Dr. Rick Saccone: School property tax reform is priority if elected in Pennsylvania

“I will work hard to finish the job of school property tax reform which we partially addressed in 2017 with a Constitutional Amendment passed by the voters.”

Dr. Rick Saccone promises Pennsylvanians he will only fly American flag if elected Lt. Gov.

“I promise that the only flag that will hang from my balcony in Harrisburg is the AMERICAN flag.”

Brandon Flood adds his name to the list of Republican candidates for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania

By: Sean Guay Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The field of Republican candidates for lieutenant governor has expanded with Brandon Flood adding his name to the list of […]

Report: Student attacked with bleach by a mother during afternoon pickup at Rowland Middle School in Harrisburg

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – According to a report authored by Matt Moyer, a student was attacked with bleach by the mother of another student during afternoon […]

Former NAACP Chairman leaves Democrat party, registers as R after clash with John Fetterman

By: Sean Guay Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – After mounting an impressive list of accomplishments, Brandon Flood is now leaving the Democrat party. Flood was the Executive […]

Derry Township School District will require students to wear masks despite Supreme Court overruling mask mandate

Hershey, Pennsylvania – The state supreme court overruled the school mask mandate of Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Alison Beam, who illegally issued the mandate forcing […]

Roger Stone Endorses Bobby Jeffries for U.S. Senate In PA

Central Pennsylvania based US Senate candidate Bobby Jeffries has earned the nod of veteran political operative and longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone Hershey, PA – […]

Democrat Heather Dunn controversially appointed as Cumberland Valley School Board President

By: Sean Guay Mechanicsburg, Pa. – At Thursday’s school board reorganization meeting on December 2, 2021, Heather Dunn was appointed as Cumberland Valley School Board […]

Covid Commentary: What do we know about “breakthrough” hospitalizations and deaths in PA?

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – A month ago, the PA. Dept of Health proudly unveiled their Covid-19 “Post-Vaccination” data page; but the data needs […]

JEM Construction is happy to announce Claudia Rivera as People and Culture Coordinator

Camp Hill, Pa. – JEM Group is very happy to announce Claudia Rivera as our new People and Culture Coordinator. Claudia will enrich JEM’s culture […]

Thousands of Pa. parents chase promise of “protection”; but risks loom

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – Almost 20,000 parents have chased down the supposed “protection” promised by the Covid-19 vaccine for children, ages 5-11; but […]

Mastriano’s medical freedom rally sends a message, stirs the crowd

By: Caroline Machiraju Harrisburg, Pa. – Stop the medical tyranny. Stop the mandate. Stand up now. That was the message that rang loud and clear […]

Developer, and incumbent mayor’s wife bolster write-in campaign with last-minute cash

Harrisburg, Pa. – Incumbent Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse has filed campaign finance reports for the 2021 mayoral election. Real estate developer Alex Hartzler, and Catherine […]

Florida school board member takes elementary school students on field trip to gay bar: ‘SO honored’ | Fox News

A Florida school board member accompanied a group of elementary school children to a field trip to a gay bar, according to photos of the […]

Rep. Jim Banks: “The title of first female 4-star officer gets taken by a man.”

Congressman Banks’ tweet about the facts of Levine’s promotion was deleted by Twitter, and his account was suspended for engaging in “hate conduct.”

Summer Lee supports the Green New Deal; AOC retweeted her campaign ad for U.S. Congress

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Second-term state Rep. Summer Lee announced her 2022 campaign for U.S. Congress by releasing a statement and video Tuesday morning that highlighted […]

AOC often talks on the phone with friend Bernie Sanders because he “makes me happy”

AOC posted to her Instagram story Uhhhhhhhh what’s going on here — Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) October 22, 2021

Marc Scaringi: PennLive article characterized parents who protest school board as Nazis

By: Marc A. Scaringi Camp Hill, Pa – On Oct. 22, 2021, PennLive published an article entitled, “A new battleground: Pa. school board races mirror […]

Mall Shooting: Mother, daughter’s friends hid on floor of PacSun fitting room for hours, absolutely terrified, no cell service

By: Sean Guay Lancaster, Pa – Three people were shot, and others were injured in a stampede after gunfire broke out from multiple shooters in […]

DePasquale campaigned door to door endorsing school board candidates in Camp Hill on Saturday

Camp Hill, Pa – Former Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale was inspired to campaign on behalf of local school board candidates in the borough of […]

Camp Hill school board candidates backtrack support of CRT, transgender athletes

By: Sean Guay Camp Hill, Pa – A cloud of controversy looms over the Camp Hill School Board election after a mystery letter was mailed […]

Camp Hill Mystery Letter: News-grabbing stunt? Or legit mail campaign?

By: Caroline Machiraju Camp Hill, Pa. – Camp Hill, the idyllic West Shore suburb, with its Mr. Rogers-esque neighborhood feel, has a hot political divide, […]

DOH: Breakthrough hospitalizations spike & will climb, but vaccine still “highly effective”

HARRISBURG, Pa. – More than a quarter of those hospitalized with Covid-19 are vaccinated “breakthrough” infections, according to a report issued today by the state […]

Moms for Liberty Rally set for Saturday; Camp Hill chapter among its growing legion

By: Caroline Machiraju CAMP HILL, Pa – A Moms for Liberty (M4L) chapter has formed locally, amid overreaching state and local controls being imposed on […]

Alleged PennLive Twitter hackers plead innocence in new tweets

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – In response to a report by New York Daily Mail naming the alleged hackers who took over the official PennLive Twitter account […]