By: Sean Guay

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – For many years Dr. Stella Ye has brought great joy to the hearts of her students and community. She has been teaching for more than a decade at Messiah University as a professor of Chinese language and culture. Dr. Stella is also a pillar in the local community, and she has a green thumb as well.

Dr. Stella broadcasts a YouTube channel that has thousands of subscribers, and countless episodes documenting the life of her garden, which she built and maintains by hand, sometimes with the help of her students. Years of planning and building were invested by Dr. Stella into the physical infrastructure and organic makeup of her garden.

She explained to me that her goal is to promote a wholesome diet and lifestyle. “I want to encourage people to eat healthy. Some vegetables are easy to plant and cook. I want to introduce this concept,” she said.

Dr. Stella will soon be releasing another YouTube channel to teach Chinese language and culture.

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