By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – After mounting an impressive list of accomplishments, Brandon Flood is now leaving the Democrat party. Flood was the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus from 2013 – 2017. Flood was Chairman of the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference from 2015 – 2019. He was then appointed by Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman to lead the PA Board of Pardons in 2019.

On Friday December 17, 2021, Brandon Flood announced his resignation from the board, citing the “failed leadership” of Lt. Governor John Fetterman in the explanation of his departure.

Flood has now registered as a Republican and announced his plan to campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in 2022.

Flood told PennLive he departed from the pardons board after “a number of philosophical differences” with Mr. Fetterman, a Democrat who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. He cited the differences as “mainly his lack of advocacy and interest in ensuring that our agency has adequate resources to deal with the increasing demand of clemency requests.”

The philosophical differences “came to head this month due to personal differences and my expressed interest in running for public office next year,” Flood told PennLive. “That said, we mutually agreed to go our separate ways so that I would no longer serve as the proverbial thorn in his side, and so that I can focus my attention on my candidacy for lieutenant governor in the beginning of the year.”

Flood said he had to leave the job because: “no job is worth me compromising my integrity and turning a blind eye to failed leadership, irrespective of one’s previous acts of magnanimity or political affiliation.”

Christine Vendel – PennLive

Correction: This article has been updated with the correct dates of Mr. Flood’s time as Chairman of the NAACP.

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  1. Brandon Flood is more conservative than most Republicans.



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