Hershey, Pennsylvania – The state supreme court overruled the school mask mandate of Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Alison Beam, who illegally issued the mandate forcing all students in public school to wear a mask. Beam announced her resignation following the ruling.

But some Central Pennsylvania school districts will continue to require masks.

Because the CDC’s guidance recommends masking for everyone inside the school building and maintaining three feet of distance, Derry Township School District will continue to require students to wear masks. Students in the Harrisburg School District will also be forced to wear masks.

Derry Township Superintendent Dr. Stacy Winslow advertised a community forum event for public discussion about social-emotional learning on Monday, January 10, at 12:00 p.m.

Dr. Stacy Winslow was appointed to fill in as Interim Superintendent for the Derry Township School District after Superintendent Joe McFarland was placed on administrative leave one month before his retirement.

Superintendent McFarland’s ousting was very controversial in the district, sparking an outcry from both sides of the debate.

Dr. Winslow was criticized after proposing to implement CRT curriculum and Equity staff training throughout the district.

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