Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – According to a report authored by Matt Moyer, a student was attacked with bleach by the mother of another student during afternoon pickup at Rowland Academy in the Harrisburg School District.


A mother of a kid threw bleach on a child at school pickup! Both moms were in the car line to pick up their kids. The one girl came out to her mom to get picked up, and the mom from the other car got out and threw the bleach on her. Her shirt was colored and she ran/was ushered straight back into the school. And by the time my “source” saw her the shirt had changed colors. It also resulted in a high speed chase, but it’s still not clear who was chasing who. I was told they sped up Paxton street. How dare you throw bleach on a middle schooler. I hope the bleach throwing mom goes to jail. It could’ve blinded her!

Matt Moyer

Posted by hbg100.com

Harrisburg’s News Source

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