Harrisburg, Pa – Appearing live on the Shannon Bream program on Fox News, Pennsylvania State House Speaker Mike Turzai said Dr. Levine’s decision to remove her mother from her nursing home should have immediately been made public prior to the state ordering contagious COVID-19 positive residents back into the state regulated nursing home facilities.

Dr. Levine’s actions have been likened to an insider trading scandal by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

While on air, Turzai celebrated the passage of the Senior Protection Act in the State House by a vote of 201 to 1. The bill will focus on academic medical centers providing medical expertise and direction for infection control, testing, and surveillance in senior facilities.

“We have a responsibility to care for the most vulnerable,” said Pennsylvania State House Speaker Mike Turzai.

During the segment, Shannon Bream mentioned Pennsylvania State Representative Russ Diamond’s initiative for the removal of Dr. Levine.

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano was on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News on Tuesday, and expressed a similar sentiment that Levine should have immediately made public the decision to remove her mother from a nursing home facility.

Tucker Carlson also said Dr. Levine’s policies turned the nursing homes into “death traps,” and the situation in Pennsylvania is one of the most shocking and offensive examples.

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  1. Wolf and Levine need to be prosecuted. Both should be held accountable for there actions of placing infected persons into nursing homes.



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