Social justice warriors call for violence against ‘Identity Evropa’ – they blame President Trump and his supporters

Following the recent reports which have outraged Harrisburg residents, extreme members of an anti-racist social justice movement are calling for violence against ‘Identify Evropa’ for allegedly placing the small teal stickers around town.

Sean Kitchen and Chris Anderson posted to the local Midtown Harrisburg Facebook group regarding the controversial stickers recently being placed on poles and electric boxes. Calls to punch “proud boys,” plans for mob violence, and other inflammatory remarks followed. Kitchen’s post soon appeared on the Central PA AntiFA Facebook page.

In response to the sticker hysteria, one person said, “Oh, I’m ready. I wrote my master thesis about the Alt-Right and I’m serious about combating them.” Another said, “We should always punch a Nazi… we already gave peace a chance… I will not tolerate intolerance..”

On Saturday in Harrisburg the emotions continued to swell in during the Evropa sticker controversy, promoting frustration. One resident said, “This is what happens when a racist is voted as president, thanks to everyone who voted for him.”

Another said, “Mostly hateful people voted for Trump and, at this point, only hateful people still support the fat, orange asshole.“

Eventually more calls for violence were issued and further inflammatory references were made. Some of the comments are made by individuals who are recognized locally as racist provocateurs.

Eventually the borderline banter turned to outright planning for mob violence against ‘Identity Evropa.’ And finally one bold citizen issued the call for police intervention from the Harrisburg Chief of Police.

Other outspoken members of the community voice their moderate opinion on the matter, citing free speech and respect for all people. Unfortunately the debate turned hateful as these new voices were attacked with offensive anti-Semitic arguments, and personal insults.

It all started just after lunch on Friday, when Harrisburg resident Chris Anderson and his wife spotted the unusual sticker on a light post as they walked near Riverfront Park.

The teal sticker with a simple triangle design on it had the words “Identity Evropa” on it, and that’s when Anderson grew concerned.

“It was startling, kind of hard to believe,” Anderson said. He remembered that he saw a post about stickers, which represent an alt-right group, on State Street earlier in the week, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

After finding one in Riverfront Park, the pair split up and walked around State 2nd, Pine and other streets around the Capitol. Together together they found six stickers scattered on electrical boxes, trash cans and posts.

Luckily, the stickers came off pretty easily, leading Anderson to believe they had only recently been put on.

Suspiciously, Sean Kitchen the racist provocateur, was the first to “discover” the stickers

“It’s disconcerting to say the least,” Anderson said. He and his wife live and work downtown, and Anderson walks in the area every day. He hadn’t noticed any stickers until Friday.

Identity Evrope’s website describes itself as a group of patriotic “American Identitiarians” who embrace their European culture and roots and believe they need to “restore America.”

The organization, which requires an application process to become a member and annual fees, claims to have a presence in major cities. They suggest any member who does not live in a metropolitan area can participate in events when they are held in cities.

On Anderson’s social media post, local racial extremists have expressed their willingness to resort to violence if they would encounter the person responsible for posting the Evropa stickers.


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  1. So I like how some people say we voted for a racist. Well I say it’s a dam shame your uneducated mind led you to believe that for one min. Now I could educate you but that’s not my job. So maybe you should look into it more clearly about just what’s going on with Bummer,killary etc and how they are the ones doing what they are trying to claim that Trump did. Just saying! Put your party aside “Democrat”. And start teaching g yourself the truth instead of what the news agencies want to to believe. Trust me it’s totally the opposite. And when you learn that part we can then discuss what’s best for America! Have a nice day



  2. […] Anderson’s social media post, local racial extremists have expressed their willingness to resort to violence if they would encounter the person responsible for posting the Evropa […]



  3. The whole reason that me and my bikers stepped in to face up to antifa, was because we saw them pushing around kids, picking on old vets in wheel chairs, and beating and bear macing women. The so called antifacusts are facustists. So people who don’t think the way you do, or don’t agree with you, you wish to attack??? I have a whole bunch of bikers and combat veterans who says this shit has to stop,

    National Coordinator
    2 Million Bikers



  4. I’ve been finding Antifa Stickers around downtown. Will the media report that? Whomever is making them is making them poorly. Using postal stickers for backing and pasting a printed piece of paper on top, very easy to remove from the street signs I’ve found them on.

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  5. Wish these idiot leftists would read a history book. The left is the nazis and history shows that. Its in the damn name, nazi.

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  6. This is a CNN education for ya. CNN is the source of racism and hatred sparking bullshit. We all voted for him for a reason, he’s getting shit done. Guess what ya pussycat wearing freaks. We’re gonna do it again in 2020. Being the violence is it must. Most of us that voted for him are combat veteran ya fools.

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