Act 47 will soon be lights out
As originally reported by The Harrisburg Post, this was released today from the Lewis Butts for Mayor campaign:

New Potential Sources of Generating Revenue through the Harrisburg First Plan

Due to a major lack of revenue generation by the city, declining tax revenues, and because EIT and LST might have to be cut when the city exits ACT 47, as part of the Harrisburg First comprehensive plan, Lewis Butts for Mayor has highlighted these aspects of the overall economic development approach, and specific revenue generating solutions. Also, look for the Lewis Butts for Mayor press release at 2:00pm Thursday, March 30 at the Dauphin County Courthouse for the unveiling of the Harrisburg First plan.

Last year, a call was issued to the citizens of Harrisburg for their ideas and input towards the comprehensive plan, however behind the scenes, some very vested interests had already made the predetermined plans to fit their agenda and needs. So, as it has been for 60+ years, very limited sections of the city see great benefit, while the majority of town dwindles. The proof is clearly illustrated in the difference you will see when passing from downtown to Allison Hill. And no innovations have been made under Mayor Papenfuse.  A fact that hasn’t changed in the last four years is that too many innocent Harrisburg citizens remain shacked up in their home, sometimes afraid to come out in fear various adversities in the neighborhoods. Chatter in the community is not good for the Papenfuse campaign, so it is no surprise that he has not restored a sense of community into the overall city. People believe that Papenfuse does not care about Allison Hill, that he cannot relate or empathize with the families and children of Harrisburg. But it will no longer be this way.

Imagine a whole new city that is self sufficient, created and maintained by the innovative ideas of the bright young minds who grew up here. There is so much potential in Harrisburg that is just waiting to be released. There is so much energy in these young minds that need an outlet, so much potential in the beauty of our river city, great potential for tech and energy industries, and for tourism in the region. The potential will be discovered when Lewis Butts for Mayor implements this plan. A Harrisburg that is fully staffed and sustained by the people who live and study here. Envision a co-op program for students to gain practical work experience while completing their high school diploma. Picture a diverse police force made up of young men and women who were born and raised in the city. When rediscovered, Harrisburg will be a city of the future, and serve as a case study for all American cities after which to model their policy. 

Economic Development – The direct implications of the Harrisburg First plan are great improvements for the health and well being of all Harrisburg citizens. This will be achieved through various initiatives, of which some are outlined here.  We will partner with local industries to celebrate the history and promote future progress related to agriculture, canals, railroad, & steel. We are focused on the legal aspects surrounding the budget surplus potential of the #1 cash crop and its huge potential for agriculture. We will partner with Hershey, Gettysburg and The Civil War museum in an all out blitz on the tourism industry. We will rebuild the relationship of the city with the Civil War museum that was so deeply fractured by the actions of Papenfuse. And most importantly, we will be a sustainable, self-sufficient city that generates and provides clean, alternative energy using our cities greatest natural resource: The Susquehanna River. 

Tourism – The pure charm of Harrisburg as a river city is reason enough to boast of our tourism appeal. And being an industry in PA (according to the PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development) where people spend nearly $40 Billion annually, with 4.1 Billion in tax revenues generated, while also providing jobs to 304,000 people in the state, we must take full advantage of Harrisburg being well situated on the East Coast, conveniently between NYC and DC, in a more clean and peaceful section without the endless traffic of the 95 corridor. Most relevant is Harrisburg’s rich history of industry, politics, a strong focus on the stories of Camp Curtain, and how Harrisburg won The Civil War. The Harrisburg First plan will outline an aggressively detailed vision for the future of Camp Curtain as a Gettysburg style attraction to celebrate and re-live the essential role of Harrisburg soldiers defeating the Confederates, and in turn ensuring the future of the United States of America as it stands today. Harrisburg won the Civil War. 

To fill a void in the market, our tourism agenda will offer exciting new indoor recreation for travelers and explorers who otherwise might find themselves in Hershey during better weather condition. These destinations will provide fun jobs, and also be a great experience for citizen of Harrisburg to enjoy with their families. 

General Recreation/ Extreme Sporting Activities – Aquarium, Casino, Skydive Simulator, Indoor Climbnasium, Indoor Paintball, Motor-week, Aquarium 

Voith HydroDam – Hyrdro-electric power plant: A two part revenue – According to the PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development, Energy & Technology top the list for key industries in Pennsylvania. Using the most powerful natural force in Harrisburg, we will harness the power of the river and covert that into clean energy which will provide jobs and a sustainable future for the region. The dam will also raise the water level in the river, creating an ideal harbor for greater boating and recreational activities. As a revenue generator and added a tourism draw, the Harrisburg First plan will offer an option for Riverboat gambling. A feature of the dam that is invaluable will be the potential added benefit of improved flood control in the city, which will reduce flood insurance premiums.


Toll Bridges – A proposal to toll the incoming city traffic of non-city residents.

Speed Enforcement Traffic Light Program – A self-sustaining safety program using red light cameras to enforce traffic laws and support the network of surveillance cameras throughout the city. 

Future Projections and other proposed projects:

( These numbers will be updated. Some projections are optimistic on bullish market conditions, some are preliminary pending further study and more community input)

Camp Curtin EDI

4 months implementation

2 million second yer in revenue

creates 140 jobs including Hotel

15 retail stores in 2nd year

Harrisburg International Aquarium (HIA)

2.5 years to completion

15 million in revenue annually

creates 900 jobs

Indoor Surfpool connected to HIA

1.5 years to completion

5 million in revenue

creates 200 jobs

retail shops

4 Casino Boats

2 months implementation

2 million annually

creates 100 jobs

Skydiving Simulator

7 months completion

500 thousand annual revinue

creates 30 jobs

Toll Bridges

4 months

20 million annually

200 jobs created


30 retail riverfront shopping

1.5 years to completion

40 million in annual revenue

retail shops, groceery store, clothing stores

restaurant 4 star

create 600 jobs for South Harrisburg

Speed Enforcement Cameras

1 year to establish

5 million in revenue

20 jobs

MotorWeek Harrisburg

8 months to implement

12 million in annual revenue

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  1. Who in your wild imagination is going to pay for all this?

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  2. I’d imagine PennDOT would have something to say about those toll bridges. And, given that PennDOT is a state agency and that the vast majority of non-residents traveling to Harrisburg are state employees, I would further posit that PennDOT’s answer would be a resounding no. Not to mention the fact that PennDOT, which maintains the bridges, would be highly unlikely to agree to split any potential revenue with the city. But… ya know… dream big or something?

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