Harrisburg has a responsibility, not only as the Capital of the PA, but also as the metro center of the entire Harrisburg and Central PA region. As it has been from day one, the river has divided Harrisburg from the West Shore. And for too long we have ignored the great potential that exists within this source of division. 

But the increasingly influential perspective of a revolutionary force in the city now advocates for new ideas to use the power of the river in ways that build revenue, relationships, and recreation, by bringing together both sides of the river. That force is Lewis Butts for Mayor, and under his guidance Harrisburg will be a leader in our region and serve as a case study for improving struggling American cities.

West Shore Seaplane Base

The West Shore will adore us for fixing the Walnut Street bridge. And not just fixing it, but giving the area renewed function as a basin for seaplanes to land. The existing bridge structure will be rebuilt and repurposed as a draw-bridge, which will allow for the seaplanes landing path. Sharky envisions flights destine for Bermuda via Wilmington, NC will take off from Harrisburg’s waterfront. The Seaplane Base will serve as a catalyst for great improvement along the riverbanks. The proposed casino boats, fishing tournaments, and boat races will bring additional revenue, while gaining popularity as a grand summer destination. Imagine quaint shops and dining along a newly built West Shore boardwalk. When the riverfront initiatives are implemented, a renaissance of revitalization will create a new bond between the East and West Shore. This will all be made possible because Harrisburg will be fueling the economic development of the entire region by harnessing the energy of the mighty Susquehanna River.

A key aspect of the Harrisburg First comprehensive plan includes many infrastructure initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable and self-sufficient Harrisburg. Lewis Butts for Mayor believes in building bridges. Instead of building a wall, perhaps red-light cameras and bridge tolls are not out of the question to maintain a level of public safety & security in the city, for verifying that Harrisburg citizens hood passes are authentic, and because visitors will pay a toll to enjoy the grand perks of our river city. Specifically, the sole purpose of this hood pass initiative will be to ban Eric Papenfuse from entering the city limits on weekends and after 5pm on the weekdays. Papenfuse will also be on the hook to serve community service for 5 hours every Tuesday, by cleaning liter in Uptown, the P-funk, South Acres, and Allison Hill as means of restitution repayment for constantly favoring Midtown, and for tampering with Butt’s and Thompson’s campaign property in 2013. He also has to pay the city $500,000 from back scratching deals that were made with his developer buddies. This money, combined with a matching donation from Hartzler to clear his name of being responsible for extreme gentrification and back door deals in the city, would be the initial investment to attract Voith Hydro into Harrisburg. And once realized, this project will repay itself, it will provide clean energy to the region, as well as jobs and a renewed sense of future perspective to all citizens of Harrisburg.

Future Dam to be located at Tri-County Pedestrian Bridge

Voith HydroDam – Hyrdro-electric power plant: A two part revenue – According to the PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development, Energy & Technology top the list for key industries in Pennsylvania. Using the most powerful natural force in Harrisburg, we will harness the power of the river and covert that into clean energy which will provide jobs and a sustainable future for the region. The dam will also raise the water level in the river, creating an ideal harbor for greater boating and recreational activities. As a revenue generator and added a tourism draw, the Harrisburg First plan will offer an option for Riverboat gambling. An invaluable added benefit of the dam would be the improved flood control in Harrisburg that could result in a reduction in flood insurance premiums of 50-100% in some areas of the city. 

Green: Draw-bridge location – Blue: Dam location

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