Harrisburg, PA – The charismatic young bull Sharky is the real OG of Harrisburg. Now residing in Uptown, Lewis Butts originally came from out the south. He was Harrisburg’s first black baby to be moved from Harrisburg hospital into the Hall Manor housing project, and it is fitting that in 2017, he will be elected as Harrisburg’s first black male mayor. In a place where it is long over due for such a role model to serve as mayor of this fine city, which boasts a population demographic that is more than 50% black, Butts has been blessed by the political gods. Amen!

Yeah, we gonna keep it 100 on this trip down memory lane. From here on out we keep it turned ‘all the way up. And you can stay up.’

Hall Manor

Real talk: For those who don’t know, Hall Manor is a large housing project located on the South Side (or South Sizzle, as referred to by Sharky) of Harrisburg, where it is said that over the years several unsolved murders have occurred. During Butts’ childhood, growing up around the mean streets of the South Sizzle, and Uptown (UPT), taught him invaluable life lessons about the harsh realities of the world that we live in, and he persevered, he endured through the tough times to become the strong man that he is today. ‘Cough-up a lung, where he’s from, Hall Manor son. He been to many places, but is Harrisburg’s own.’ And no question that he is a Harrisburgonian. Unlike Papenfuse, Butts’ hoodpass is authentic and verified.

#NoGentrification: Throughout his experiences living in Harrisburg, Butts has also found the love and community that makes this small city great. He discovered the natural beauty of the river and parks, and has taken a keen interest in the environment.

UNCW: After graduating from Harrisburg High School, Butts celebrated his acceptance to college. In Wilmington, NC he studied and networked with his peers, who he continues to gain insight and support from. Upon returning to Harrisburg, Butts was a whole new man.

Peep game: With his street cred now on another level, Sharky’s ability to redeem favor within the city limits is endless and he is currently extending his reach into the state and fed through his lobbying efforts. The future prospects of his political influence are quickly gaining momentum. But it didn’t happen overnight or by chance. Butts has been painstakingly working toward the improvement of Harrisburg as his lifelong personal mission, and the fruits of his labors will soon be discovered and shared by all citizens of Harrisburg.

He is known by name in every neighborhood, and clearly he knows his way anywhere around town, where you will find him with a smile as he remains in high spirits, and appears to be not a day over 35 years old. The lives and hearts that the charming Lewis Butts Jr. has touched can be found everywhere in this city. His professed love for Harrisburg is clearly evident through his many passionate endeavors and volunteer work in the city.

And no other candidate is similarly representative of Harrisburg’s population. Butts has the most name recognition in town. He maintains a youthful spirit while being experienced in politics, he has been fully vetted by the democratic commitee, is wise but not too old, and has not experienced any stroke or health problems, as you will find with the other candidates. He hasn’t been having trouble with the law and has not been accused of stealing from a police fund, as with another candidate. His campaign is grassroots and has not been bought with over half-a-million dollars, which was the amount spent by incumbant Papenfuse to win his previous campaign in 2013. In fact, when Butts ran for Mayor in 2013, his campaign speeding was capped by the democratic committee at $250.

This time, when elected Mayor of Harrisburg, unlike Papenfuse, Butts will not be at the beckoning call of a wealthy donor like A. Hartzler, but instead will be accountable rightfully to the citizens of Harrisburg.

Bra/Cuz: There was a day when our city was split, by the railroad tracks and Cameron St., during the Bra/Cuz war that broke out between rivals of Uptown and the Hill. Many of those older divisions have since been cured, in no small part due to the calls for unity from of the Butts’ family that stretches across all political boundaries of Harrisburg. The city will fully realize the opportunities that exist when we truely unify under our new Mayor Butts. Sharky will be a hero for all families of Harrisburg, from South Side, throughout the Hill, and all the way Uptown.

Harrisburg won the Civil War

Because Tourism = Revenue, and tourism is booming in PA as our second largest industry, Butts’ recognizes that we must embrace Harrisburg’s potential as a huge tourist draw. His plans to highlight Harrisburg’s role in the Civil War have great implications on tourism in our region. We recognize that Butts’ boldly creative and innovative ideas on ways to draw tourists and offer new recreations in Harrisburg can sound overwhelming, but the newly found Tech Boom in the city will be accompanied by a west coast style atmosphere of attitudes where Butts’ innovative ideas will find actual life.

Camp Curtain

UPT: The largest encampment of the civil war was in Uptown Harrisburg, and it’s very fitting that it is the same location where Butts is locating his campaign headquarters. Welcome to Camp Curtin, the camp that won the Civil War, and the camp that will win the City War 2017 for Mayor.

On everything: Let’s put it this way – just like UNC in the tourney, Butts is #1 on the ballot for a reason. This year in the primary election on May 16th, all citizens of Harrisburg must vote #1 for Mayor!

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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  1. This is my good friend of 7+ years !! Very wise and very ready !!!!

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  2. What is his plan to improve this city? Just because he’s from here doesn’t mean he’s the best person for the job. Case in point, Linda Thompson. What are his plans to IMPROVE our city? He came from Hall Manor, what is he going to do ABOUT the sad situation of his former neighborhood? UPT? Same thing. We’ve seen what comes out of Harrisburg….not promising. I hope and pray he proves my skepticism to be unfounded because this city needs more than a familiar face as a leader.

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    1. Great question his platform is extensive surrounding infrastructure, harnessing natural energy and job creation. I’m sure he would be more than happy to expound on your question .

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  3. I went to one of the debates during the last mayoral election and Butts was a clown, ignorant of the issues and backing laughable proposals. His election would be the equivalent of another Thompson administration.



  4. […] elected as Mayor, candidate Louis Butts‘ first move will be to “bring in Gloria Martin-Roberts” as his Personal […]



  5. […] elected as Mayor, candidate Lewis Butts‘ first move will be to “bring in Gloria Martin-Roberts” as his Personal […]



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