Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Star news anchor Alicia Richards of ABC27 News was greeted on the scene of a murder at the corner of 16th & Market streets in Harrisburg by Matt Moyer of Channel 5 Ratchet News. Moyer was covering the crime scene during a snowstorm in a live video broadcast on social media when the ABC27 crew arrived to record a sound bite. Moyer filmed a behind-the-scenes moment when Richards requested information from Harrisburg Police.

Moyer’s followers took notice to the walking boot that Alicia Richards was wearing on her left foot. Many people chimed into the comments section of Channel 5’s live feed, mentioning the “beautiful” Alicia Richards, and wishing her a quick recovery from the broken foot.

After exchanging pleasantries, Richards eventually suggested that Moyer apply for a position as a reporter at ABC27. Moyer was flattered, but told her that his Ratchet News Station would soon be global, and he couldn’t work in the newsroom at 27 because he would be too distracted by the beauty of Mrs. Richards. Moyer asked if he could call her “Leesh,” short for Alicia, and said she could be his sugar momma, until he noticed the wedding ring on her finger.

Alicia: “You should do stand up”

Matt: “Now Leesh is telling me what to do.”

Alicia: “Behave yourself”

Matt: “Not with you out here looking this good! Do you know where you’re at? You’re in the hood girl!”

Alicia: “I’m trying to save my hair.”

Matt: “You’re a cougar.”

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  1. Matt, love how you keep it REAL!! You are hilarious, maybe you should break out and do “stand up” if you don’t already! Keep on keeping on! Have been enjoying your news feeds!



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