Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – The Pocono Pride Festival was held this past weekend at the Courthouse Square in Monroe County. The event featured children’s activities, a teen space, music, crafts, drag queen entertainment, and food trucks.

The youth event was hosted by Carol Ann & Sharron Ann Husbands, aka the Clan Ann duo. The duo was founded on the streets of Philadelphia in 2011 after an altercation with three male prostitutes and a female cop.

According to the Poconos Pride Festival website, the duo’s “unpredictable antics and love of games, Broadway, and boys make them the perfect pair for any event.”

The website advertised drag queen story time for kids, featuring sensational tales from the streets of Philadelphia during the duo’s former experience as prostitutes.

Lt. Governor John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and his wife appeared in a photograph with the duo at the pride festival on Sunday. Fetterman posted the photographs to social media.

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