Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Flags hung by Pennsylvania State Rep. David Rowe were on display in the East Wing of the State Capitol on Monday.

The conservative messaging displayed on the flags drew harsh backlash from democrats when Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman retweeted the image on social media.

Fetterman’s post instantly generated hatred, threats of violence, sexual deviance, and otherwise vile commentary by many of his followers.

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Harrisburg’s News Source


  1. The commonwealth was a superior state to live, work and recreate until our propourted representatives began to support corporations like Harley Davidson which isn’t an American Owned Company, that by the way in fact recieved more bailout than Bank Of America, then let go a bunch of employees in York,Pa. And transferred approximately 500 from parts of the Midwest.
    Things like leasing out the Pa.Turnpike to a company that barely does anything to the highway, goes over budget and brings in million per day to which Pa. Recieve a pittance.
    The marriage tax, the death tax , a lottery as to which I see more children and the elderly in poverty, parks closed or not maintained, crime running rampant, mayor’s making decisions against Federal Law, not to mention to operate a shop for medical Cannibals a 500,000.00 bond.
    Doesn’t seem like those that represent have no idea what they are doing or what they represent.
    As far as this Democrat/ Republican continues which by the way has been going on since the Federalists in the 1700s.
    An interesting point I’ve come across is gifts to politicians in Pa.
    You can gift of any type to anyone until they are appointed to a position once elected rules apply, so I think that’s pretty obvious why Pa. And the laws aren’t really for the citizens of Pa.
    The people of Pa.need to stand against this off the wall subversive activity and stand on your constitution.
    We The People.



  2. That’s an error again with Google and spell check, it’s suppose to read Cannabis, not Cannibals.



  3. Education? College? Can’t afford it?
    Penn State Secretary….. Yearly income? Over $500.000.00 per year, and their bitching about a raise to 15.00 an hour, which should of been applied at least 10 years ago.
    Our Utilities? We pay a fee to pay a bill to an electric company and a gas company based in Ohio.
    Why? Taxation.
    Pathetic situation, and of course drugs used on prepuberty emancipated children in Pa . To seemingly send them in the correct? Direction, which I find interesting as per the Health Official applying the treatment and commenting parents don’t have to approve.
    Seems like the wrong person is attempting to groom our offspring.
    Take a drive on the turnpike from the Delaware River to the Ohio State Line and see if you can afford the toll on the return trip.
    Billions of dollars in will and death taxes, and who bitches about a raise, since they those trusty politicians give raise amongst themselves but won’t budge for the working folk.



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