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Update: Mayor Papenfuse Signature Fraud

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Chris Siennick, the Socialist candidate for Harrisburg Mayor, has now made a name for himself in 2 of 2 Democratic primary debates.

His first priority: Land Reform.

Chris Siennick: “Theft is kind of a weird concept when it comes to property.”

From a live radio broadcast interview with Ken Matthews this week on WHP 580, Siennick offers a voluntary admission that he is proactively spreading propaganda around Harrisburg.

Ken Matthews: “Did you just say you’ve been spreading some propaganda around town?”

Listen to the full interview here:


“We’ve had three fires in the city already, and a one lethal to a firefighter.” – Siennick

Chris Siennick & Lewis Butts Steal the Show at the Harrisburg Mayoral Debate



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  1. HELLO my friend I belong to a group on Facebook — POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS WITHOUT THE BULL (99% are Republicans like me I switched from Dem to Rep when Trump said he was running in 2015)
    You probably can read it without joining READ THE POST that Cathy S W posted May 6 “The GOPS new health care plan” . It mentions fact and myths

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