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Soldier’s Journal

By: Anthony Harrell

Harrisburg, PA – “Tuesday’s debate shook awake a rather sleepy mayoral campaign in Harrisburg, one that, until then, was marked by little more than Facebook posts and midnight runs along N. 3rd Street to plant signs.” – #FakeNews

theBurg is #FakeNews, don’t read what they posted about the mayoral debate.” – Anthony Harrell


My fellow American Patriots, all the mayoral finance reports were turned in yesterday, I started this campaign with 250 dollars and I will end with 250 dollars, I have never accepted one dime. I do not have fundraiser, I am an American Patriot who owe it to all of you to let my message speak to all of you. Not TV commercials and mega signs from big campaign donors. My fellow American Patriots go an get a copy of the finance reports of all the candidates, see who stands behind them, see who really is their own man or woman. – Anthony Harrell


TheBurg is fake news, don’t read what they posted about the mayoral debate on their site, news media is supposed to report the news as it is laid out not show biased and give their opinion what they think who is incompetent and who is not. That is why the news media has a low approval. If you want news my American Patriots, find out who owns the Burg and who is contributing to certain campaigns. That is real news. Maybe before Tuesdays debate the answer will be known. STOP TELLING AMERICANS WHO SHOULD LEAD THEM ITS NOT THE JOB OF THE MEDIA , STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!!!!! – Anthony Harrell


Mr. Papenfuse, Harrisburg will not become a Sanctuary City, Harrisburg will not become a Sanctuary City, We as American Citizens obey the laws of this great nation, and so should YOU. Stand with me my Fellow American Patriots, Harrisburg will not become an Sanctuary City for those who do not respect the laws of this nation. A vote for Anthony Harrell is a vote for no to Sanctuary City. America is for Americans!!!!! – Anthony Harrell


The Burg gave the current mayor $68,000 (thru 3rd party) of campaign contributions.!!!!!!!!!!! The is why the citizens of Harrisburg voice is being drowned out. On May 16 let all the Harrisburg Citizens stand and be counted. No matter how much outside Pac money goes into Mayor Papenfuse campaign, HARRISBURG IS NOT SALE, HARRISBURG IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Anthony Harrell


I am a bit confused, did Mayor Papenfuse make fun of Donald Trump about infrastructure, Wow Mayor Papenfuse, infrastructure. Okay the citizens of Harrisburg are not your puppets or idiots. – Anthony Harrell


How can you be for security and safety of the citizens of Harrisburg, when the Mayor (Papenfuse) is in favor of a Sanctuary City. Mayor Papenfuse endorses illegal citizens, how can we ask as citizens the police to clean up the violence and crime if we have a Mayor who endorses Harrisburg as an Sanctuary City. We as Patriotic Americans have to obey the laws of this republic so why does illegal immigrants get to break them. I Anthony Harrell candidate for mayor say “NO TO HARRISBURG AS A SANCTUARY CITY”!!!. Take care of our American Citizens and our Veterans before you give one dime to someone who is not a citizen of this republic/city. – Anthony Harrell


Do not get amnesia citizens of Harrisburg, Do not forget who put us in this debt. Remember when candidates tell you all their qualifications. Remember when they beat their chest and say how many offices they held. This is what qualifications get you !!!!! Based on the findings of the grand jury, Shapiro on Thursday outlined seven recommendations for changes to city, county and state laws to try to prevent the kind of “bad decisions” that led to a $300 million debt fiasco. – Anthony Harrell


This is how Mayor Papenfuse conducts business in Harrisburg. It doesn’t matter who donates money to his campaign fund. Papenfuse also got support from four political action committees. The “Strategy PAC” chaired by political strategist Ray Zaborney donated $500 to Papenfuse. Zaborney owns Red Maverick Media, a company that runs Republican campaigns. If you want a candidate with integrity and one who will speak for all the citizens, and not campaign contributors, Vote Anthony Harrell.


Mayor Eric Papenfuse following an ABC27 report said that he accepted a campaign contribution from the company hired to convert city streetlights to LED.Campaign finance records show Regan gave the money two weeks after his company was hired to convert Harrisburg’s 6,100 streetlights. According to an archive video on Roxbury News, Papenfuse rallied against pay-to-play politics as a member of The Harrisburg Authority in 2007. Papenfuse referenced the hardships it has on ethics and the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. Remember Burg when you tell the facts about the Mayor. Please tell all of them and not give the impression as if the other candidates are just whinning. Pay to play was wrong then and its wrong now. That is why the public believes that the media is fake news, keep it 100 This is one of the reasons I have started my campaign, the citizens of this city deserve a better mayor, Mayor Pappenfuse, THE CITY OF HARRISBURG IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!! We the people will stand for this no longer. – Anthony Harrell



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