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“Know Your Rights” forum may provide stage for AntiFA leader to spew Anti-Police rhetoric

Chris Siennick is a known AntiFA leader who openly corresponds and organizes with violent AntiFA crews from Philadelphia


“Stop Racism” Harrisburg Youth @ 2nd & Walnut

Free NBA YoungBoy

Ken Matthews: All Politicians Should Admit that they’re Spreading Propaganda Around

From a live radio broadcast interview with Ken Matthews this week on WHP 580, Chris Siennick offers an unsolicited admission that he is proactively spreading propaganda around Harrisburg.

Land Reform in Harrisburg, PA – Socialist Candidate is Spreading Propaganda Around Town

“We’ve had three fires in the city already, and a one lethal to a firefighter.” – Siennick

Chris Siennick & Lewis Butts Steal the Show at Mayoral Debate – Harrisburg, PA

“We keep forgetting that we are all American patriots.” And, “As a soldier we speak that we are all one.” Anthony Harrell continues “We all have one common goal in Harrisburg, to make it all great.”

Chris Siennick Forms the Resistance; Anticipating a Visit from ‘Bikers for Trump’

Activist Chris Siennick is at ground zero, preparing an encampment for the counter-rally from 12:00pm – 10:00pm @ 7th & MaClay Street on Saturday April 29, 2017.

President Trump vs. AntiFA @ 7th & MaClay

“The West Shore Boys Ain’t Shit” – Chris Siennick

State Police ‘Jump Out Boys’ meet Future Mayor Siennick: The Birth of AntiFA on 2nd Street

“Hartzler’s backing of things like bookstores and coffee shops at the cost of disrupting the people and their bars, like the 1400 club and the taproom. Very bland and “white” per se. I like to jokingly call his company WCI the “White Christian Invasion.” Papenfuse supports the move in this direction to the benefit of his own properties seeing as how the Midtown Scholar and Papenfuse’s campaign office are conveniently surrounding the new Susquehanna Arts Museum.” – Chris Siennick