Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Channel 5 Ratchet News filmed the scene at Rod’s Roadhouse last night when a man was sucker punched by a security guard in the parking lot.

Corey Shade was identified as the man who claimed to be assaulted at Rod’s, and has vowed to sue the establishment in a subsequent social media post.

Matt Moyer of Channel 5 Ratchet News said that the controversy began when “the white man spit on someone.” However, that claim has been disputed by Mr. Shade.

Shade can be heard shouting out Channel 5 Rachet News with blood in his mouth as he approached the camera just before being sucker punched.

The controversy was further enflamed when Moyer posted the video on social media mentioning “Happy Black Security Month” in the title.


Posted by hbg100.com

Harrisburg’s News Source


  1. Why is rods always at the center of the racial drama?



  2. “Dr.” (Fake Doctor) Kimeka is big mad about this



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