Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Lewis Butts, a democrat candidate for Harrisburg Mayor, appeared on the Shoopin It Real podcast this week to discuss his bid for city office.

During the interview, Butts broke the news that he plans to drop out from the race to support mayoral candidate Wanda Williams. Butts said Williams is the best candidate, and now is the time to join her team. Williams is currently president of city council.

Butts also made reference to the $300 million debt that resulted from the failed incinerator project in Harrisburg. Butts made the jab aimed at Swatara Township resident Otto Banks who has also announced his bid for Harrisburg Mayor.

Butts said now is the time for Harrisburg to capitalize on the future of alternative energy infrastructure during the Biden administration, highlighting his initiative to produce hydro electric power from the Susquehanna River.

Butts elaborated on his former plans to integrate a police academy into Harrisburg High School as a career path for students, and to ease community relations with the police. He also spoke of his plan to bring free wifi to the City of Harrisburg, and his plan to add tolls to all bridges entering the city.

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