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Papenfuse and Hartzler allegedly committed voter suppression on Election Day

In the Harrisburg Mayoral election, it has been alleged that the incumbent mayor and his high priced donor summoned hired men from his personal staff to intimidate campaign workers and voters at the polls.


Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part III

As a result of the combination of Linda Thompson making good on a campaign promise, and Ellison giving bad legal advice; Rhoads and Sinon was ordered to pay $250,000 of a $2.4mil settlement with Gerald Kohn. Harrisburg SD paid $125,000. The rest was paid by insurers. Linda Thompson didn’t pay a cent.

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part II

Gloria Martin-Roberts Votes To Approve James Ellison
& School District Payments to Rhodes and Sinon

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part I

Gloria Martin-Roberts elects Linda Thompson VP city Council; James Ellison to the Harrisburg Authority

Smear Campaign by James Ellison Backfires; Jenkins Holds Strong Lead in the Polls 

It has been reported by Jenkins that there are some bully tactics and even blunt stalking is taking place while canvasing the neighborhoods. Unfortunately for Gloria Martin-Roberts, this association with James Ellison has directly hurt her campaign’s credibility.