Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Responding to a recent editorial authored by Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor, Congressional candidate Sean Parnell (PA-17) criticized John Fetterman for once pulling a shotgun on an innocent unarmed black jogger in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Armed with a shotgun, Fetterman followed and confronted an innocent man after hearing what he said he thought to be gunfire in the streets, but turned out to be kids setting off bottle rockets behind the library.

After initially being threatened at gunpoint by Fetterman, who held a shotgun to his chest, Chris Miyares, the unarmed black man found himself surrounded by Fetterman and 6 police officers with weapons drawn. Miyares was checked for weapons and let go when officers didn’t find any.

Miyares said, “He jumped in his Ford F-150 and followed me into North Braddock and pulled a shotgun and aimed it at my chest.”

“I mean, there’s [Fetterman] with a shotgun, and six other cops surrounding me. What else can I do but (put my hands up)?” said Miyares.

Fetterman later admitted, “I believe I did the right thing, but I may have broken the law during the course of it.”

Donald Trump Jr. took notice and retweeted Sean Parnell with the caption “YIKES🚨🚨🚨.”

Headlined with the title ‘Discretion and De-escalation Are A Police Officer’s Strongest Tools,’ according to his opinion published by KDKA Radio Fetterman said, “when police are demilitarized and approach a situation with service to the community, we will get more humane outcomes.”

Parnell responded:

Yeah Lt. Gov. Fetterman…nothing says deescalation & service to the community quite like pulling a shotgun on an unarmed black jogger who’d done nothing wrong because you heard a loud noise & made certain assumptions.

Maybe sit this one out.

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