Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Cole Goodman, Pennsylvania Democrat Committee Member, and son of PennLive’s opinion editor, today advocated for legalized prostitution and the protection of sex workers.

Cole Goodman said that sex workers need to be protected from human trafficking. When asked for clarification, Goodman told hbg100.com that he does support the legalization of prostitution.

Goodman, who resigned from the Susquehanna Township school board after an inappropriate relationship between him and an underage student was alleged, has recently been campaigning around Harrisburg on behalf of various causes as he gains name recognition ahead of his upcoming bid for re-election for Democrat committee.

Goodman is the son of Joyce Davis, who is currently the opinion editor at Pennlive, and former City of Harrisburg spokesperson for Mayor Eric Papenfuse, also a former WITF executive with international experience on the World Affairs Council.

Originally born the United States, Goodman lived abroad with Davis in Europe as a child.

Posted by hbg100.com

Harrisburg’s News Source


  1. Cindie Watkins July 8, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Why shouldn’t they be protected? They are human beings, too.



  2. This website & your Facebook page are filled with hate & racist I can’t even voice my opinion on your Facebook page because it gets flagged smh it seems all the same every trump voter that I run into on your pages are filled with hate. Your website & Facebook promote hate & racism



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