Harrisburg, Pa – Appearing live on The Voice 17104, Pennsylvania Secretary of Pardons, Brandon Flood, was interviewed by host Ana White on Thursday May 21, 2020, to talk about guns and marijuana.

Specific topics included black gun ownership, gun control/ regulation, the pardons process for illegal firearms convictions, and legal conflicts involving guns and medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Ana White questioned Flood about how assault weapons can be more closely monitored. He detailed his position on assault rifles and the regulation of firearms, which he adamantly declared to be a reflection of his personal opinion, not his official position as the Pa Secretary of Pardons.

When Flood was appointed to the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in 2019, criminal justice reform was their top priority.

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Secretary Flood is no stranger to reform. Prior to rebuilding his life, Brandon Flood had a rough history during his early years as a young man when he spent nearly 10 years as a prisoner in the state correctional system.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed off on Flood’s board-approved pardon, erasing his past convictions, just a few weeks before Flood stepped in as secretary.

During his interview on The Voice 17104, Secretary Flood explained the process by which he was pardoned for his felony firearm conviction. Flood also describes the original details of his arrest for trafficking cocaine, and possession of an illegal firearm.

Although he does not advocate for a full ban on assault rifles, Flood said that he does support a “more rigorous process” to regulate any weapon that has the capability to hold a magazine of ten or more rounds. To avoid misinterpretation regarding gun rights, Flood said he prefers to use the word “regulate,” rather than monitor, or control.

Earlier this year, Secretary Flood drew harsh criticism from community leaders in Harrisburg while discussing solutions for a rash of murder and gun violence in the city. At the time, Flood guest hosted a program on The Voice 17104 in February, then calling for a variation of the controversial stop-and-frisk policy to curb gun violence in Harrisburg.

As a guest on the Ken Matthews Show, soon after being appointed to Secretary of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons in 2019, Brandon Flood developed “great synergy” with the AM radio talk show host. Matthews has become nationally popular as a guest host of the Rush Limbaugh show.

While speaking on WHP580, Flood admitted that President Trump “has some redeeming qualities,” he told Ken Matthews live on WHP580.

One of those redeeming qualities perhaps being that President Trump has championed the cause of criminal justice reform, an initiative that Flood has dedicated himself to.

In 2019, Flood made history the time when the first formerly convicted felon to oversee a criminal justice agency in Pennsylvania meets the first formerly convicted felon to be appointed to the Virginia Parole Board. Brandon Flood, and Kemba Smith-Pradia, respectively.

Following his 2003 felony conviction for trafficking cocaine and illegally possessing a firearm, after repaying his debt to society, in 2019 Brandon Flood became a lawful holder of license to carry firearms in Pennsylvania. Flood has plans to promote responsible gun ownership.

Full interview with Brandon Flood:

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  1. Isn’t it a law that former felons are not allowed to own a firearm. Did that law go away. Or is he violating the law like all felons who have gu s.



  2. […] Flood supports regulations on assault weapons with a magazine capable of holding ten or more rounds […]



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