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Harrisburg, PA – While talking about elections, clemency, also promoting his new business endeavor on The Voice 17104 radio program, Brandon Flood podcasted the session via Facebook Monday evening, and simultaneously took radio station phone calls live on air.

Mr. Flood is no stranger to the spotlight. He has been interviewed in numerous TV news reports, has been featured in nationally published columns, and has recently been a guest, as well as guest host on popular talk radio programs.

During Monday night’s broadcast one caller approached the topic of urban gun violence and the conversation touched on the recent uptick in shootings and murders in Harrisburg as being very unusual for the month of January. As a gun owner Brandon Flood does not advocate for gun control, however, he voiced his support of a controversial approach to reducing urban gun violence: Stop-and-Frisk.

He acknowledged some of the program’s shortcomings, like racially profiling people of color, he also recognized the infringement of 4th Amendment rights related to illegal search and seizure. Mr. Flood believes that if it helps removes illegal guns and weapons from the streets, than Stop-and-Frisk is a just policy. He suggested that the policy needs to be implemented “smartly,” by focusing solely on removing illegal weapons from the streets.

When I asked for his comment following the broadcast, Mr. Flood was specific to clarify that this was his position as a private citizen, not an endorsement in his official capacity with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

A program that Michael Bloomberg has apologized for expanding as mayor of NYC, Stop-and-Frisk has been controversial due to cases of police brutality, and claims of racial profiling. 

As a guest on the Ken Matthews Show, soon after being appointed to Secretary of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons in 2019, Brandon Flood developed “great synergy” with the AM radio talk show host. Matthews has become nationally popular as a guest host of the Rush Limbaugh show.

It is likely that Ken will be doing more shows from New York City, as it was revealed by Rush on Monday that he has developed lung cancer, and will be missing some time from the show in the future.

Rush Limbaugh was awarded the presidential Metal of Freedom, presented by First Lady Melania Trump, during President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

Many great topics were discussed during the well articulated studio session in which Ken offered to extend Mr. Flood’s time allowance. Flood clearly gained the respect of the opinionated talk show host.

It is noteworthy that while being a committed member of the democrat party, he doesn’t hold anti-Trump views. President Trump “has some redeeming qualities,” Flood told Ken Matthews live on WHP580.

One of those redeeming qualities perhaps being that President Trump has championed the cause of criminal justice reform, an initiative that Flood has dedicated himself to.

When I questioned Mr. Flood today if his perspective of the President has changed following the impeachment proceedings, he responded that he still holds the same sentiment of Trump as having some redeeming qualities.

Another redeeming quality of Trump was his signing of the bill to restore funding for HBCUs, the nation’s historically black colleges and universities. Trump’s record low unemployment rate for people of color has also been a headline stat that perhaps Brandon Flood cannot ignore.

Following his 2 hour AM radio debut, he posted on social media, “I have built my career on effectively working across the political aisle.”

“I look forward to joining him again on the show in the near future as well as exploring the prospect of co-hosting the program,” Flood hinted at his future broadcast prospects.

Other topics that were discussed during the extended interview session on the WHP580 Ken Matthews Show:

  • Prison reform
  • Meek Mill
  • 2nd Chance
  • Ex Felons who served sentence can vote in PA

The first formerly convicted felon to oversee a criminal justice agency in Pennsylvania meets the first formerly convicted felon to be appointed to the Virginia Parole Board.

Meet Brandon Flood, and Kemba Smith-Pradia, respectively.

Following his 2003 felony conviction for possessing and illegal gun, and after repaying his debt to society, in 2019 Brandon Flood became a lawful holder of license to carry firearms in Pennsylvania. Flood has plans to promote responsibly gun ownership.

Brandon Flood has been opinionated in the past about other controversial topics as well.



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