Pittsburgh, Pa – Democratic incumbent Conor Lamb, a staunch defender of Nancy Pelosi, is facing a general election challenge from Army veteran Sean Parnell, a Republican supporter of President Donald Trump.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are watching this race closely, saying it could be a bellwether for 2020.

Lamb has accused his opposition of orchestrating a disinformation campaign after photographs of graffiti at Lamb’s office were exposed on Twitter. The graffiti messages brought attention to Lamb’s voting record, which Parnell says mirrors the voting record of Nancy Pelosi.

Parnell is a former Army Ranger and combat infantryman with the elite 10th Mountain Division, and spent 485 days of fighting along the dangerous Afghan-Pakistan border. According to his biography, his “Outlaw Platoon” killed over 350 enemy fighters in some of the biggest firefights of the Afghan War. On June 10, 2006, Parnell was wounded after his platoon was nearly overrun by Taliban insurgents, which outnumbered the platoon almost ten to one. He refused to leave his men behind and continued to battle the Taliban at point-blank range. According to reports, Parnell was “knocked unconscious and wounded two more times during the gunfight.”

Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District election will be one of the most important races in 2020 and its outcome could reflect whether the House returns to Republican control or stays with a Democratic majority.

Lamb ran as a moderate but has sided with his party on most issues, including the impeachment vote against President Trump, said Parnell. One of the issues Lamb is not properly reflecting his constituents on is gun rights. He pointed out that Lamb has an F-rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which does not reflect the political leanings of many of his constituents, Parnell added.

“He’s [Lamb] voted against the President 90 percent of the time and voted to impeach him on both charges,” he added. “He sides with Nancy Pelosi more than 90 percent of the time. That’s not an independent voice. He campaigned on being pro-life and has an A-rating from Planned Parenthood. He just voted against the Born Alive Act and he’s done it twice. That’s the opposite of pro-life.”

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National news anchor Jack Posobiec followed up:

Parnell followed up this week with a reward for information:

This week, President Trump fully endorsed Parnell for Congress:

Parnell was shocked to be endorsed as a “star” by President Donald J. Trump.

Pennsylvanians are actively fighting Pelosi’s puppy Conner Lamb:

Parnell is an all-American hero:

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