• DeVito made the criticism of Pa Lt. Governor Fetterman’s stance on the Second Amendment
  • Fetterman is not shy about his stance on gun control:
    • “I don’t think framers of the Second Amendment ever envisioned a weapon as firesome as an assault riffle,” Fetterman said.
    • “We need to ban those sales of assault rifles to people,” Fetterman said.
  • DeVito highlighted the case of Fetterman detaining an innocent jogger at gunpoint as mayor of Braddock – WTAE Pittsburgh’s Action News

“Lt. Governor Fetterman dresses like a slob to disrespect the people of the Commonwealth.” ~ Danny DeVito said during the Harrisburg protest on May 15, 2020

#ReOpenPA rally on steps at Pennsylvania State Capitol

HARRISBURG Pa. (WPMG) – Pittsburgh Area Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 45th Legislative District Danny DeVito made a resounding debut during a speech at ReopenPA’s May 15th Rally in Harrisburg.

DeVito, 27 is campaigning for the position in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives against Republican primary opponent M. Francis and the incumbent Anita Astorino Kulik who has been in the position since 2016. The position represents parts of Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties; including these geographic specifics.

In response to Governor Wolf’s mandates and enforcement of the controversial quarantine measures statewide, DeVito’s campaign launched a lawsuit against the Governor citing constitutional violations and overreach into the affairs of Pennsylvania’s individuals and businesses.

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The legislature gained a massive response and prompted a look into Pennsylvania’s actions by Attorney General of the United States William Barr. Further adopton of proposals have been moved forward by State Representative Arron Bernstein.

Along with his support for the Reopen Movement, he is endorsed by and supports the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, LIFEPAC, Gun Owners of America and Firearm Owners Against Crime. DeVito’s other qualities and political attributes can be found on his campaign website.

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  1. Steven m. Kisner May 18, 2020 at 6:44 am

    I told people from the his push to for legal weed to get votes was a back door to take away rights. He never support himself with a job .His father paid his bills when he was in the Pittsburgh area. His occurred job is waste of Tax payers money. A usually position.



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  3. […] Related: “Lt. Gov. Fetterman wants to take away your Second Amendment rights” […]



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