Harrisburg, PA – Led by Pennsylvania State Rep. Jason Dawkins, a Muslim lawmaker, CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations) has been favored by the Wolf administration.

Dawkins spoke during an Islamic dinner hosted by Wolf at the Governor’s Mansion. The religious occasion was also an opportunity for the political Islamic community to gather and discuss “issues impacting Muslims in Pennsylvania and across the country.”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jason Dawkins

PA’s First Lady listens intently as Rep. Dawkins speaks.

In a blog post referencing the Islamic dinner event, Rep. Dawkins wrote, “Governor Wolf has long been a friend to the Muslim community in Pennsylvania and I know that his invitation to bring this tradition to the Governor’s Residence was inspired by his genuine desire to build partnerships and to be inclusive of all residents of the Commonwealth. It is my hope that we will all follow the Governor’s lead to welcome and learn from Pennsylvanians of all background and traditions.

It was recently alleged that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf converted to Islam. Although he has not officially announced a religious conversion, Wolf did participate in a formal Islamic prayer session during the event that he hosted at the Governor’s Mansion.

Before sitting down to eat, a room was available to perform the late afternoon (“Asr” in Arabic) prayer.

This prayer session at the Governor’s Mansion on the evening of the Islamic dinner was part of a ritual that Wolf performed with the CAIR organization.

While the photographs illustrate a different story, officially Wolf denies converting to Islam, and it has been suggested that the Governor participated in the prayer as a virtuous signal of religious tolerance.

سبحانك اللهم و بحمدك،  وتبارك اسمك، و تعالى جدك، ولاإله غيرك  

“O Allah, how perfect You are and praise be to You. Blessed is Your name, and exalted is Your majesty. There is no god but You.”

In March of 2019 Wolf claimed to be “horrified” following a legislative session that involved Christian prayer, however when Rep. Jason Dawkins opened the next session by reading from the Quran, Wolf prompted applause from the chamber.

In April of 2019 Wolf appointed CAIR-Philadelphia to the PA Census Commission to enhance outreach efforts to Muslims using CAIR’s network of local offices. The census, conducted once a decade, has been used not only to determine congressional apportionment, but also as a critical planning tool for state, local, and federal agencies.

These recent events have contributed to the public perception of Governor Wolf who has been criticized for favoring Islam at the State government level.

*Update: On Fox News, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” brought attention to CAIR’s financial ties to the terrorist group Hamas, and for attacking the POTUS administration as “white supremacist,” thus prompting the Census Bureau to end its partnership with CAIR.

Eid Dinner Hosted by Governor Tom Wolf

Original Report by Rabiya Khan
(CAIR-Philadelphia Advisory Board Member)

Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Francis Wolf made history when they hosted the first Eid-al-Adha dinner celebration at the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg on Thursday, September 15th, 2016.

More than two dozen Muslims from across Pennsylvania were invited to attend this historic occasion where they were treated to a three course meal prepared by the Governor’s personal chef.

Before sitting down to eat, a room was available to perform the late afternoon (“Asr” in Arabic) prayer.

Attendees mingled with each other and were introduced to the Governor and his wife who graciously took the time to personally greet each guest. After taking pictures with their excited and honored guests, everyone took their seats at the dining table where the meal was preceded by a speech by the Governor and a prayer by Imam Mikal Shabazz of Masjidullah in Philadelphia.

The dinner attendees were:

• Zakariyya Abdur-Rahman, President & CEO, Nicetown CDC

• Osama Al-Qasem, President, Council on American-Islamic Relations Pennsylvania

• Rep. Jason Dawkins, Legislator, Philadelphia

• Nasir Emadi, Shia Muslim Community (Harrisburg)

• Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr., Philadelphia City Councilman

• Dr. Fariha Khan, Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

• Rabiya Khan, Founder, Solidarity Society of South Central PA

• Tiffany Chang Lawson, Executive Director, Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

• Samia Malik, Community Leader, Central PA Muslim Community

• Dr. Atizaz Mansoor, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg

• Wasi Mohamed, Executive Director, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

• Dr. Mubasheer Mumtaz, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Harrisburg)

• Jalila Parker, Executive Director, Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs

• Majeedah Rashid, Chief Operating Officer, Nicetown CDC

• Imam Mikal Shabazz, Imam of Masjidullah in Philadelphia

• Shirley Jones-Shakur

• Sharif Street, Attorney, PA Senate Candidate

• Salima Suswell, Philadelphia Eid Coalition

• Mukarem Syed, Islamic Community Center of Lancaster

• Hani White, Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

At the end of the evening, local activist Samia Malik presented the Governor with a plaque on behalf of the Muslim community which stated: “The Muslims of Central PA extend this small token of appreciation for your courage in standing for justice and equality for all citizens, including American Muslims. We also recognize your humanitarianism in welcoming refugees to our Great State of PA.”

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