Carlisle, Pennsylvania – A magenta haze has overcome the night sky in Carlisle. Located near the Sports Emporium, adjacent to I-81 and the PA Turnpike is a facility formerly know as Toigo Organic Farms where organic tomatoes were their specialty.

However a new vendor has now converted the facility into a marijuana grow operation.

The operation is using LED lights at night to advance the flowering stage of the maturing marijuana plants. The glow from the lights can be seen as far away as Shippensburg and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Most greenhouse facilities use panels to shield the light emissions from escaping into the sky in areas with dark sky compliant rules.

The facility is located in Middlesex Township. Municipal officials could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Pennsylvania has been transformed in just a few year



  2. It was called toigo farms



  3. Hopefully there is not a light ordnance issue their because it is it’s own beauty at certain times. Granted it isn’t natural, but is it really negatively impacting anyone>



    1. *There… I know I know



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