Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Appearing live on the ‘Shoobin It Real’ podcast, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse was grilled on many topics Sunday during the interview by host Shoob.

According to Shoob, people are saying that Eric Papenfuse doesn’t serve black neighborhoods in Harrisburg, and they are calling him the mayor of Midtown, or the mayor of 3rd Street where he owns many commercial properties.

Papenfuse was on his heels and became defensive during the interview.

Shoob blasted Papenfuse for using Karl Singleton as his token black friend to gain votes.

He said Papenfuse has been exposed for awarding city contracts to his campaign donors, many of whom are Republican.

Posted by hbg100.com

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  1. Papenfuse is a white supremacist



    1. Everybody knows that “Dr” K is the actual racist in Harrisburg



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