Update: A suspect has been charged with murder

Harrisburg, PA – Two young ladies were violently murdered in Uptown Harrisburg, found dead with gunshot wounds. No motive or suspect has been identified. It’s been suggested that one of the female victims was pregnant.

When a reporter asked if the coroner could answer whether 16-year-old Kaliah Dearing was pregnant, Coroner Graham Hetrick was vague in his response after a brief pause. “I could, but I’m not,” he said. This prompted a woman, identified as Kaliah’s mother, to be overwhelmed with grief.

Dauphin Coroner Graham Heteick says overall it’s not a gun problem, it’s not an opioid problem, but it’s a problem of our shifting culture where we no longer value other lives in this society:

Since this incident, there have been multiple other shootings with injuries in Uptown Harrisburg, as well as shooting murders in Carlisle and York, Pennsylvania the same weekend.

Kids as young as 10 years old reportedly attempting armed robberies in York, PA.

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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