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Update: Mayoral Debate review

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – The campaign of Eric Papenfuse for Mayor has been under heavy fire this week. His team has been accused of forging signatures to get on the ballot, and challenger Gloria Martin-Roberts has called out the Mayor’s conflict of interest involving the mixing of tax dollars and Papenfuse’s personal investiments in Midtown.

The day prior to the debate, in an attempt to divert attention from his many wrong-doings, Pennlive released an article that was critical of the Mayoral Challenger, by tying the Gloria Martin-Roberts for Mayor campaign to Steve Reed and Linda Thompson.

It was Mayoral candidate Jennie Jenkins who stood out in the Midtown Democratic Debate, last week. Of all the candidates, she has also been the most actively involved within the community.

Now, as a follow-up to the debate, Papenfuse’s exclusive publisher, Pennlive, has painted a picture in support of the incumbent, while tarnishing the reputation of his opponents, Martin-Roberts and Jennie Jenkins. To stay on the offensive and avoid being targeted for his repeatative failures, Mayor Papenfuse directly attacked Gloria Martin-Roberts and her Campaign Treasure in Tuesday nights Mayoral deabte.

Analyst agree that any securely seated incumbant mayor ought to take the high road, by touting their accomplishments, while showing respect to the challenging candidates. The actions of Papenfuse are not becoming of a Mayor who is expected to be looked up to for leadership in the beautiful Capital City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Papenfuse took a jab at both Ellison and Martin-Roberts later in the debate when he was asked whether bankruptcy would have been better for the city than entering the state’s Act 47 program for financially struggling cities.

The mayor noted that Martin-Roberts on city council, and Ellison, as chair of the Harrisburg Authority, both voted in 2007 to double the incinerator debt by pursuing a retrofit. – Pennlive

Indirectly on the behalf of Eric Papenfuse for Mayor, Pennlive also used its publishing power as an opportunity to tear down the genuine integrity of Jennie Jenkins, by giving Papenfuse the spotlight, when in the debate it was Jenkins who first mentioned ideas about the significance of fixing the parking deal.

As it currently stands, it is a $286 Million deal that was absoluitely wrong for the city, and has ruined Harrisburg’s downtown economy.

Previously Reported:

Following the Midtown Mayoral debate, trouble has surfaced with the incumbent Mayor Papenfuse’s campaign tactics of using forged signatures to secure his position on the Mayoral Ballot.

The initial report is here: FOX43

According to a Harrisburg Citizen: “The lady who was arrested identified herself by name to a resident who resides on Market Street, who attempted to get her signature. The arrestee was told, “no thanks, I am supporting GMR”, and the arrestee did not want to leave her property.”

We are seeking clarification on this, check back for an update.

Also breaking today is a video interview of Gloria Martin-Roberts calling out Papenfuse’s conflict of interest with his ownership of multiple Midtown properties, while using city resources, and tax dollars to fight for his personal interest in that area.

  • $8 Million has recently gone towards Midtown projects
  • Papenfuse owns 8 properties in Midtown

Eric Papenfuse has no comment today. Or ever.

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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