Lancaster, Pennsylvania – According to Dr. Levine, the HHS Assistant Secretary of Health appointed by President Biden, many children need treatment for “experiencing the wrong puberty,” and he openly administers puberty blocking chemicals to young adolescent aged children.

As former Physician General of Pennsylvania appointed by Governor Tom Wolf, Dr. Levine spoke at Franklin & Marshall College to advocate for the use of gender blocking chemicals on early adolescents.

During his lecture, Levine referred to the chemicals as “transgender medicine developed in the Netherlands.” He explained that the treatment can be administered to emancipated minors with no need for parental consent.


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  1. Evil,sick person doesn’t belong in any governmental structure!



  2. Sonny Spectre June 14, 2021 at 2:31 am

    Under Federal Law and ordered by the Supreme Court, no individual incarcerated or free may be forced to take any medication even if the person is presumed to be a threat to the public or if incarcerated, and if incarcerated the protection of other staff and or inmates is the responsibility of the warden and or administrator of said facility, and safety is dependant upon the responsibility’s of said authority to house the dangerous individual in confinement away from other to prevent harm.
    To note, solitary confinement has been ruled cruel and unusual punishment by the Supreme Court.
    In this situation of emancipated individuals whatever age, it is illegal to give any substance to anyone without going over said medication with said patient, and any drug or product that alters anything in the physiology or psychology is in itself unethical and immoral and falls quite short of the propourted Hippocrates Oath.
    Personally, I believe this individual should be removed from office and arrested and serve time in prison for the revolting acts and crimes against children.
    I think it’s time would best be served with BUBBA.
    To note, my view has nothing to do with this “doctors” sexual preference, and or sex change, it has to do solely with the crimes that have been committed against children.



  3. Does not make sense, ever!



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