Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Comments made this week by the Dauphin County GOP sought to distance the party from religious beliefs expressed by a Harrisburg mayoral candidate. Republican Tim Rowbottom spoke out against the transgender agenda being instituted within city schools, prompting international news coverage and local controversy.

Rowbottom issued a press release on Thursday, April 22, 2021, that quickly drew an audience on social media. Rowbottom explicitly criticized the influence of the LGBT community on his children in the city school district, citing his devotion to God. “While I know that many may not agree with me, I have to be truthful or I will answer to my God one day,” said Rowbottom.

Dauphin County Republican Committee Chairman Dave Feidt condemned Rowbottom’s post, according to PennLive.

“I don’t agree with what he’s saying,” Feidt said. “I think it’s far afield of what the Republican Party stands for.”

Rowbottom fired back saying the Dauphin County Republicans are out of touch with city residents, citing the inability of the GOP to have a presence in Harrisburg where a Republican mayor hasn’t been elected in nearly 50 years.

“The Bible makes it clear to me that these things are an abomination and the reasons that oppression and repression are plaguing the LGBT community.”

Tim Rowbottom

Harrisburg City Treasurer Dan Miller also used the international publicity as an opportunity to put his name in the news cycle, as noted by Rowbottom’s campaign as an obvious attempt for the fading political persona of Miller to regain local relevance.

Critics of Rowbottom have unleashed an all out blitz on his campaign in recent weeks, exposing his personal and family information online. Smear attempts have been published by the news media, and an alleged domestic abuse investigation stemming from a custody battle was spontaneously announced against Rowbottom this week.

An unnamed third party investigator contacted hbg100.com about alleged corruption in the legal team’s camp for Rowbottom’s criminal case which is at the center of yesterday’s Pennlive article.

It was suggested that the defense attorney may have set Rowbottom up in the court system after a late hire, in order to protect the courts from being exposed to corruption according to prosecutorial misconduct filings on the docket.

The unamed, confidential third party is allegedly investigating to determine if there are special relationships between attorney Shane Kope and the specific prosecutor involved.

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