Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – PennLive Editor Joyce Davis said criminals may be justified in running from the police if they fear for their survival.

“We don’t know what a police officer may have said to someone who decides to take a chance and run. They may think they have to run to have a chance to survive,” Davis posted on social media.

The comment drew swift backlash from law enforcement officers, and other concerned citizens in Pennsylvania.

Davis made the comment in response to a story about a criminal who died in a car accident when he crashed a vehicle while attempting to flee from police during a traffic stop.

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  1. When my friends and I were young and wild we used to outrun the cops all the time. We had our Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and Dusters. We kept our cars in pristine condition with decent tires, making sure the lights and turn signals all worked perfectly so we gave the cop NO reason to pull us over but when we intentionally did something, we knew we might be successful outrunning the cops. While sometimes it was silly (like ducking down an alley with the lights off using the hand brake to stop), sometimes we got caught and paid the price. Yes, I’m white. Yes, I did stupid things, too. I have one friend who tried to outrun the cops one night and died in a crash…their own fault and it wasn’t the cop’s fault.



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