Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Controversy surrounding the Harrisburg mayoral election caught the attention of a European news media outlet this week. A report titled, “GOP mayor candidate says school turned his daughter bi & gays abuse children,” was published Friday April, 23, 2021 in Paris, France, by an author named Alex Bollinger.

The drama began Thursday, when Mayoral candidate Tim Rowbottom issued a press release that quickly drew an audience on social media. Rowbottom explicitly criticized the influence of the LGBT community on his children in the city school district, citing his devotion to God. “While I know that many may not agree with me, I have to be truthful or I will answer to my God one day,” said Rowbottom.

The highly sophisticated Bollinger, who boasts of a Masters degree from the Paris School of Economics, scoffed at the idea that Rowbottom would publicly express his religious beliefs.

In Rowbottom’s statement he explained, “I had to pull my kids out of these city schools when my daughter repeatedly came home saying that 13 out of her 16 friends were lesbian or bisexual, and that she thought she may be bisexual,” he wrote. “I have had enough!”

Rowbottom said his children’s personal confidence and academic performance has improved after being transferred out of the public school system.

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  1. Alex Bollinger can use his masters degree from Paris as toilet paper because that is all it is worth



  2. Rawbottom is butthurt



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