Mr. Fisher, a district teacher, was issued a cease and desist order from the school solicitor threatening him with legal action for attempting to communicate his objection of critical race theory to the school board and administration.

Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania – South Middleton School District is under scrutiny after attempting to silence the objections of parents and teachers regarding the controversial critical race theory (CRT) curriculum that the district plans to implement in its classrooms.

District parent Katrina Scavone said she is concerned that some of the materials are not teaching equality, but rather creating even more division, as she described to CBS21.

Mr. Andrew Fisher, a teacher in the school district who is also a parent of four district pupils, attempted to express his opposition of the curriculum to the President of the school board, but in response Mr. Fisher was ordered to cease and desist any communication with the school board or administration, and was threatened with legal action by the school solicitor for attempting to express his opinion.

After being deprived of his First Amendment right to free speech by the school district, Mr. Fisher was forced to seek legal counsel.

Attorney Marc Scaringi published his opinion on the matter, implying that it appeared the district was attempting to silence Mr. Fisher simply because they disagreed with his objections.

Scaringi reported today that upon his intervention with the solicitor, Mr. Fisher’s rights have now been restored, therefore allowing the opinions of the school teacher and other parents to again be heard by the school board and district administration.

“Students and parents have the right, protected by the First Amendment, to express their objection to the inclusion of CRT into their curriculum. You have rights,” Scaringi said.

Related: A teacher in Manhatten has been outspoken about his rejection of CRT, calling it “self-evidently racist.”

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  1. Jon E Chadwick April 14, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    This school board needs to be disbanded. They are to be a representative form of government, and if they aren’t going to ever entertain opposing views from the community they were elected to represent, they should not be there.



  2. […] most recently battled the South Middleton School District after they refused to hear criticism of CRT from teachers and […]



  3. I believe CRT is totally outrageous. Where do Schools get off thinking they have the psychological ability to teach our students about psychology when they don’t have medical degrees in psychology, they are not Psychologists.



  4. This school board in south middleton is a joke, right along with the administration. Do not send your children to these schools. Voted “most woke school district in central pa” on the Ken Matthews show



  5. The purpose of Critical Race Theory is to teach young Americans to despise their own country. The Hard Left have been pushing this poison for thirty years, without much direct success. But in the last two years, old-fashioned liberalism has evaporated, and its place has been taken by hard-Left ‘Progressives’, who are hard at work attacking the foundations of America: its schools, its military, its police. Joe Biden and the people around him are not Hard Leftists, but are dancing to their tune, since it’s the Hard Left who increasingly control the Democratic Party.

    Now … don’t think that a few electoral victories can reverse this deadly trend. We have got to prepare for the consequences of hollowing out the military, weakening the police, opening the borders, creating millions more welfare dependents, pushing the National Debt through the ceiling … and while our power collapses abroad, China continues its inexorable rise.

    So … bad times are coming. Some people who seem (to me) to have some idea of how to prepare for it can be found here: — but whether or not they are the answer, we had better realize that we are living in Kabul five years ago. Don’t wait until the airport is closed.



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