Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Alex Peterson, formerly a political news reporter for ABC27 News, today alleged that Republican Pat McCrory made sexually inappropriate comments to him following an interview in 2016.

McCrory is the former Governor of North Carolina and a current candidate for U.S. Senate.

Today in a tweet, Peterson described an encounter with McCrory that ended with Peterson feeling violated.

Following a recorded interview in 2016, Peterson asked McCrory for his microphone transmitter, to which McCrory smirked, leaned close to Peterson and replied, “I was hoping you’d reach into my pocket and grab it.”

This is not his first experience being violated. Alex Peterson also recently spoke out against John Weaver, the founder of the Lincoln Project. Peterson was one of dozens of accusers against John Weaver.

According to Peterson, Weaver randomly befriended him through personal messages. Peterson published the messages on Twitter. 

In the messages Weaver flirted with Peterson, asking about his new haircut, and enticed Peterson with the mention of Jeff Zucker. 

Eventually Weaver spiced up the conversation by asking Peterson what he likes to do for fun after having five, or six cocktails.

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  1. Like it’s the first time that Pat played pocket pull with an intern



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