Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – As first reported by TheBurg on Thursday, Dauphin County Judge Andrew Dowling issued a decision that Otto Banks does live in Harrisburg, thus delivering a blow to James Pianka’s attempt to have him removed from the ballot for failing to meet the residency requirements to serve public office in the city.

“In conclusion, we find that the credible evidence shows that the candidate was both physically present at the city property, and clearly manifested an intent to make the city property his principal home, thus making it his residence for the purpose of qualifying as a candidate for the office of mayor of the City of Harrisburg,” Dowling stated.

James Pianka, who is an associate of Brad Koplinski, and is closely aligned with mayoral candidate Wanda Williams, sat with the challenging attorney in the court room, according to PennLive.

Following the hearing, Otto Banks’ campaign manager James Ellison posted to social media celebrating the ruling of Judge Dowling:

Looks like the attempt by Jimmy Pianka (overseer of the Wanda Williams Campaign) to keep Mr. Banks off the ballot has failed. As Mr. Banks has maintained from Day 1: he is a lifelong Harrisburg native and resident. And Judge Andrew Dowling confirmed it.

Attorney James Ellison on Facebook, campaign manger of Otto Banks for Mayor

In response to his post, Dr. Kimeka Campbell countered the claims of Ellison, casting shade on his premature celebration by calling the statement a “half truth.”

Body cam footage of the moments before Kimeka Campbell was maced and arrested at her home in Shipoke by Harrisburg Police – Nov. 2020

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