Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Mayor Eric Papenfuse of Harrisburg was interviewed by racial activists on a fringe podcast called ‘Shoobin It Real’ in the city on Sunday afternoon. Papenfuse used their social media platform to attack his critics, and to broadcast lies about private citizens in what appeared to be a collaborative effort that was partially scripted and rehearsed.

The entire interview was filled with falsified information and stories that were fabricated with no evidence, citing anonymous sources, and attaching “many people are saying,” and “everybody knows,” as qualifiers to various outrageous claims. Much of the interview centered around politicizing racial issues.

Appearing in the podcast session that was filmed at the Hurston Manor property of BLM activist Kimeka Campbell, a self proclaimed doctor, Mayor Papenfuse spoke with podcast host Shoob, who is a known political operative in Harrisburg.

During the interview, Jessica Myers, the owner of JEM construction was falsely accused of being a white Republican campaign donor of Papenfuse who has subsequently been awarded numerous minority contracts in the City of Harrisburg.

The first 3 minutes of the interview were dedicated to smearing the reputation of a private citizen who has publicly criticized Papenfuse for using the racial justice movement to advance his personal agenda from the office of Harrisburg Mayor.

Citing hearsay and anonymous emails, Harrisburg100 editor Sean Guay, an outspoken critic of Papenfuse, was falsely accused of scamming Dr. Kimeka Campbell by allegedly using fake emails to expose the criminal past of podcast host Shoob. Mayor Papenfuse immediately agreed with the unsubstantiated and blatantly outrageous claims made by Shoob.

On several occasions Papenfuse made it a point to cast shade on former mayoral candidates of years past such as Gloria Martin Roberts, Aaron Johnson, and other political competitors.

Karl Singleton was called a “token black guy,” who Papenfuse accused of being for sale to the highest bidder during the Reed administration.

Papenfuse also used the interview as an opportunity to further defame the reputation of Harrisburg attorney James Ellison, and former mayor Linda Thompson, falsely accusing them of manufacturing a story about Papenfuse profiling two black men at the scene of a break-in at his Midtown bookstore.

In the last 20 minutes of the hour-long interview, Shoob began to press Papenfuse on BLM talking points, accusing him of using the black community for votes, also alleging that Papenfuse had previously campaigned with child rapist Shymar McBride.

Papenfuse was forced to admit that he did appear in a video playing basketball with Shymar McBride. He refused to answer if he knew that McBride was on Megan’s Law at the time, and defensively began blaming former mayoral candidate Gloria Martin Roberts for paying McBride to campaign on her behalf.

The last 10 minutes of the interview devolved to a chaotic argument between Papenfuse and Kimeka Campbell who remained off camera behind the scenes as they argued the details of her 2020 arrest by Harrisburg Police when she was maced by officers on her Hurston Manor property, at the same location where the podcast interview was being filmed.

Body cam footage of the moments before Kimeka Campbell was maced and arrested at her home in Shipoke by Harrisburg Police – Nov. 2020

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