Middletown, Pennsylvania – Mayor Curry today responded to an allegation by borough constituents that the he and borough council members intentionally forced out council President Angela Lloyd, to be replaced by councilman Ian Reddinger, a key ally of Mayor Curry.

The allegation referenced the July 7, 2020 borough council reorganization meeting, in which Middletown Borough Council voted to restructure.

Lloyd was shocked by the sudden motion to vote, saying that she believes she was intentionally forced out “because I’m not part of the boys club, and because I refuse to do what others want.”

Lloyd said of Reddinger, the new sitting council President, that he missed half of last year and was still paid, and “doesn’t care what the residents think.”

According to borough resident Micheal Dalton:

Middeltown Borough Council voted tonight to restructure which means voting to put Council members in the President & Vice President seats. The NEW Council President is Ian Reddinger and the Vice President is Scott Sites. They intentionally did this to remove Councilwomen Angie Lloyd from the President because know they can not control Lloyd and get what they want.. This is the sneaky crap we voted McNamara and his click out for years ago.

This morning Mayor Curry posted a 10 minute video blog directly responding to the allegations of Dalton, adamantly denying any wrongdoing by himself or borough council.


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