MnDOT construction teams are unaffected by the governor’s “Stay at Home” order

Allentown, Pa – President Donald Trump made his first presidential stop in the Lehigh Valley on Thursday, where he gave a speech at a 137-year-old company that provides medical equipment to health care facilities in response to the coronavirus.

In his speech, Trump outlined plans to ensure adequate supplies going forward, and blamed his predecessor, President Barack Obama, for leading a bureaucratic coup attempt that began with an illegal spy operation during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Ten minuets into his speech, President Trump mentioned the drop in gas prices as a result of so few cars on the road. While speaking of this, Trump alluded to liberal governors who didn’t complete road construction projects when they had an opportunity during the lockdown with so few cars on the road, unlike Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who Trump mentioned by name, with emphasis.

Extended clip when President Trump empahsizes the success of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

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