Allentown, PA – Citizens for Liberty, a prominent conservative advocacy group, who hosted now-disgraced Former GOP committeewoman Kristie Tertel as a guest panelist at a Town Hall featuring “Firearms Forum-Common Sense Solutions” last October, has issued a public apology for misrepresenting her as a Pennsylvania Constitutional and International Law Attorney, during her introduction.

The apology, that has since garnered dozens of comments of support for the group, stated, “The following information has just come to our attention. Ms. Tertel was a Citizens for Liberty guest panelist, representing one of three Republican party speakers, who sat amongst 8 others, representing 3 different political parties, as well as 3 non-partisan firearm organizations. Our background check revealed her to be in good standing. We found out she has been living life, as of late, as a liar and a fraud. The forum that we held in 2018 is mentioned, and has the short video introduction of her. Our apologies for misrepresenting this woman. Being such a person is one thing we abhor . The saga of the former Committee woman continues.”

The apology came hours after allegations broke that Krisite Tertel had been issued judicial peace orders and had misrepresented herself as an attorney. The apology was issued on their Facebook page. A screenshot of the apology can be seen here:

In October of 2018 Kristie Tertel volunteered to be a guest panelist at a Citizens for Liberty Town Hall featuring “Firearms Forum-Common sense  Solutions.” According to a source familiar with event logistics, confirmed that Tertel had stated in her biography to the group that she was a was a  practicing Pennsylvania Constitutional and International Law Attorney,” and wished to be introduced as such.

When the story broke, with allegations of misrepresentation by Tertel, it prompted Citizens for Liberty to conduct an investigation of their own which found that Kristie Terel did in fact have active peace orders against her for stalking, harassment, and other abusive conduct. Their investigation and research corroborated the claims by and found that Krisite Tertel had indeed been misrepresenting herself as an attorney.

The Lehigh Valley Tea Party group, in which Tertel has been heavily involved has been said to have conducted their own independent investigation into the matter and have since decided to distance themselves as well.

Dick Heller

Dick Heller, the founder of the Heller Foundation, and nationally known and well respected  2nd Amendment advocate, has been said to have had appointed Tertel to his advisory council.

Heller has also been said to have since been made aware of the scandal, and is actively looking into it. It is unclear whether or not Kristie Tertel will remain on the council.  Heller was not able to be reached for comment regarding the scandal.

John Thomas, Kristie Tertel

Thomas John, an active Lehigh County GOP operative with close ties to Kristie, vehemently defended Tertel and the allegations stating, “The story is Fake News, and must be disregarded immediately.”

R. Brandt

Another close friend of Tertel’s, Robert Brandt, known in conservative circles as “Bobbie,” who operates a parody political internet radio show from his basement, has been defending Tertel, echoing a similar statement that the scandal should be disregarded. His defense of her fraudulent activity has led to suspicion that Brandt may been involved with Tertel on a deeper level.

Why would Brandt defend the scandalous committeewoman? Perhaps because his credibility was damaged when it was revealed that Tertel, his number one political crony, was a fraud. However upon further investigation, Brandt was allegedly counting on Tertel for political favors.

According to a close friend of Brandt, the relationship began back in 2016 after the election, when Brandt had been unsuccessfully trying to get White House press credentials to cover Trump rallies, and gain access to the White House Press Pool. According to the source who preferred to remain anonymous, “Robert was always trying to meet Trump anyway he could, and thought that the Press Pool credentials was the easiest way in.” Krisitie Tertel, who after the election claimed to be employed by the White House, and have exclusive access was “his best connect.” The former friend also alleged that Brandt would become frustrated, and even irate when he would not hear back from the Whitehouse press pool before the rallies, after being “promised by Tertel that she had supposedly submitted his information to staff.” The former friend also said that Brandt felt that someone was actively working against him and blocking his access.

Another former friend also stated that Robert Brandt still believes Krisite Tertel to be an employee of the White House, in that she has long branded herself as such, and promised to get him access to President Trump stating, “Robert wants to protect his connect as best he can,” despite the controversy and concerning claims, and being confirmed that Kristie Tertel is not an employee of the White House or the Trump Campaign and has been falsely misrepresenting herself as such.

Former friends and acquaintances of Brandt have been said to have long voiced concerns about his alleged time spent overseas stating, “he always a big tough guy that talks a big game, and for as long as I have known him, he always has, but if you know him you know that he’s a big bag of  hot air with no substance.”

Robert “Bobbie” Brandt

They claimed that Brandt had made various attempts at starting a news company of his own but had been unsuccessful citing lack of funds, enthusiasm, a low budget. They also cited Robert’s frustration with his viewers and their refusal to pay a subscription to the show.

A former associate claimed that Brandt was always frustrated that he had to work a day job, and longed for the day that the show alone would pay the bills often stating “if everyone else does this sh** for a living, why can’t I?”

Only Heaven knows what Robert Brandt and Thomas John have planned for the future but it’s inevitably clear that for now, the day jobs will have to do.

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  2. What is the truth? October 7, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Big Sarge promised and expose about Kristie. He huffed and puffed and left us hanging.



  3. Liberalism is a mental disorder May 8, 2023 at 9:22 am

    This is leftist DemonRat FAKE NEWS. Anyone not realizing this is a simple minded lemming, clotshot double boosted, driving around wearing a useless cloth mask, eager to take their child to the next transgender story hour.



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