Harrisburg, PA – Gov. Tom Wolf said today he supports the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The governor made the announcement at a press conference as he and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman unveiled a report on public opinion of marijuana legalization. Fetterman went on a statewide tour earlier this year to gauge public sentiment.

Wolf said he is asking the General Assembly to approve a bill that decriminalizes “non-violent and small cannabis-related offenses.” The governor also wants to expunge past convictions for pot-related crimes.

And he’s calling on the Legislature to debate and consider the legalization of recreational marijuana by adults.

“We now know the majority of Pennsylvanians are in favor of legalization, and that includes me,” Wolf said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together, especially the criminal justice reforms I am proposing today, which will have an immediately positive influence on thousands of families across Pennsylvania.”

Public opinion polls have shown a majority of Pennsylvanians support legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

In 2016, Wolf signed a law allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes.

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  1. So, where is this going to leave medical marijuana? If its legalized, then nobody will need to go to the dispensaries or pay the $50 for a card! What a waste of money!



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