An image circulating on social media today features the U.S. women’s soccer champs in front of the Museum of Jewish Heritage prior to the World Cup celebration parade in Manhattan, NYC. Featured in the image are Allie Long, Megan Rapinoe, and Ashlyn Harris.

The angle of the photograph appears to show female soccer player Ashlyn Harris wearing World Champion all black clothing, unlaced black leather boots with heels together, and holding her left arm out with palm extended flat.

The words ‘A Living Memorial to the Holocaust’ appear directly over the head of the saluting soccer player.

The image of the players portrayed at the Holocaust Museum below the Jewish Heritage sign incited further controversy coming off the heels of the women’s high profile protest of the U.S. National Anthem during the World Cup.

The controversy escalated further in a video recorded during the parade when Ashlyn Harris threatens to go door to door around the city, and that folks better hide their kids, and hide their wife. During the short clip she repeatedly uses vulgar language as she seemingly jokes about Nazis round up of Jews.

The scene is also reminiscent of controversy stirred up by the UK men’s team this year. A UK soccer player had to be educated about Nazis after making an ignorant Hitler salute.

In that case, Wayne Hennessey made the gesture, but was found not guilty after panel accepted his claim he had no idea what it meant.

Some suggest the women did this photo-op as a planned publicity stunt. It was also suggested that perhaps the women did it to troll the men, however the men’s stunt did not go over well (and it was not in front of the Jewish Heritage Holocaust museum.)

A Facebook post by the museum in support of the women’s soccer team would suggest that the posture did not offend, or perhaps was unintentional.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. women’s soccer team player didn’t give Nazi salute. The photo taken of three U.S. soccer players during a celebratory moment is being shared on social media with the false claim that Harris offered a Nazi salute in front of a Jewish museum.

The photo shows soccer player Ashlyn Harris raising her hand in celebration next to her teammates, Allie Long and Megan Rapinoe, as they gathered outside the museum prior to a victory parade in New York City on July 10.

Some U.S. women’s soccer team players have been the target of backlash on social media after stepping on the American flag, and protesting the U.S. National Anthem.


Final Thought: One could imagine the backlash this photo would generate in a case where the liberal media intended to create outrage about “racist right-wing Trump supporters.”

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  1. I guess being a vulgar bytch is a pre-requisite for being able to join the Women’s soccer team.



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