Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – When Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West makes an appearance, she has a tendency to draw the attention of many.

A spokesperson for the office of the Lieutenant Governor confirmed that Kim Kardashian West did visit with the second lady, though it was not an official visit.

The meeting was publicly documented on Mrs. Lieutenant Governor’s Instagram profile.

Giselle Fetterman posted the photo and commented, “I looooove when friends come to visit” on the post shown below:

Although the meeting was not an official event, spokesperson Christina Kauffman confirmed that “they were just talking about the things that friend talk about, the work that the second lady does for communities in need, that sort of thing.”

Giselle Fetterman is the founder of Freestore 15104, an organization in Braddock, Pennsylvania that collects free donations of clothing, furniture and other items and redistribute them to people in need. She met her husband John Fetterman while he was the mayor of Braddock.

With similar political and humanitarian interests, the newfound “friendship” between Giselle and Kim isn’t entirely a shocker, but did gain local media attention.

While locally it was newsworthy in Harrisburg when Kim made a surprise visit to the Capital City this week, the national news story that recently made headlines reported Kim’s incredible progress on the issue of prison reform in America.

Her initiative pursued what became knows as the First Step Act, which The New York Times called “the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in a generation.” Kim has now partnered with organizations committed to preparing formerly incarcerated people for job interviews and future careers.

In June, the live cameras were focused on her at a press conference when Kim Kardashian West delivered remarks at the White House. In her speech, Kim praised the hard work of Ivanka Trump and Kushner, who she says fought to get her where she is now. Not only did Kim Kardashian West actually praise the conservative administration, she openly thanked the president for helping her find her passion for law. Kim is now doing a four-year law apprenticeship under lawyers Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson.

Kim Kardasian lobbies White House, Trump asks Sweden PM to resolve rapper A$AP case

Although the pairing of pro-union democrat Fetterman with President Trump seems unlikely, in the arena of prison reform there is much common ground between the two men of similarly tall stature. A longtime supporter of criminal justice reform, Mr. Fetterman is using his position as overseer of the state’s pardon board to make a dent in a dysfunctional system ripe for overhaul.

Despite being aligned with democrat Governor Tom Wolf, the prospect of Fetterman supporting the #MAGA movement should not been eliminated from discussion. Fetterman’s PA base voted for Trump in 2016, and the two unpolished, unconventional politicians do have much in common. Fetterman gained national media attention during his tenure as mayor for attempts to revive the town’s economy, as well as his frequently short-sleeved, tattooed appearance, atypical of the average politician.

As President Trump holds the crown for currently receiving the most reality publicity, it’s not out of pocket to suggest that America may soon be “Keeping up with the Fetterman’s.”

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