Hundreds have been identified and possibly thousands of nests exist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and beyond. There are so many nests that officials can no longer count them all.

🦅 11 things you may not know about bald eagles

In Pennsylvania, the Game Commission says the bald eagle’s rebound is directly related to environmental improvements. Eagles depend on good water, riparian forest quality and fish availability.

Speaking from the White House this week, President Trump said his administration is working diligently to improve the environment, insisting the environment and economy go hand-in-hand. The environment can’t be strong without a strong economy, Mr. Trump said, then mentioning importance of forest management to prevent fires in California. He also blasted the “Green New Deal.”

Researchers say bald eagle recovery hits new milestone in Virginia

President Trump’s supporters certainly believe the surging eagle populations are a divine outcome of the uplifting energy brought to the region.

It is believed that the return of America’s National Emblem is a direct result of Trump making America great again.

There are so many nests, Pa. officials can’t count them all

In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Game Commission says there are too many bald eagle nests for the agency to count on its own and it needs the public’s help.

The commission used to release bald eagle numbers annually on the Fourth of July back when the birds were threatened. But bald eagles have made a comeback, from three nesting pairs in 1983 to more than 300 nesting pairs now around the state.

Sean Murphy, an ornithologist with the commission, tells the Tribune Review that the boom makes it difficult for the agency alone to track them.

The public can monitor and report bald eagle nests to the commission using an online survey tool.

The commission says the bald eagle’s rebound is directly related to environmental improvements. Eagles depend on good water, riparian forest quality and fish availability.

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  1. Michael L. Patterson July 6, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    Sorry, he can’t take any credit at all for the resurgence of the eagle. Please………. the public isn’t that stupid.

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  2. Exceot that they are. ): if he said it, it must be true they will think. They’ll believe that in three years, he did all that. Despite the reality that his policies are actually against preservation and environmental health.

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  3. But isn’t Pennsylvania run by Democrats? Using federal funds. Right?

    So how is this happening?



  4. Ignorance is bliss. Must be a lot of blissful liberals out there these days. Better wake up libs. Trump is doing just what he said he would do. MAGA!!! The eagles comeback is just one of the happy consequences of that!!!



  5. The eagle apparently does not need clean water. There are nesting pairs near New Florence Pa. NEXT to the Conemaugh river that Pa. refuses to clean up. It runs bright orange in summer months due to mine drainage and NOBODY cares. Where is Wolf? He is our governor. The fish count in the Conemaugh is VERY high despite the sewage, mine drainage and dumping of hazardous materials and liquids. That is quite apparent when you also look at the blue heron colony that has increased to 68 mating pairs (last count 2 years ago). They are in the same area as the eagle nesting pair. The real and main reason for the comeback? The banning of DDT decades ago.

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