Harrisburg, PA – The Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority (HRA) & HBG Economic Development Director Jackie Parker is accused of bypassing the legal planning process in order to steal property in Allison Hill. Harrisburg officials violated the Urban Redevelopment Act of PA.

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In a letter sent to Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority solicitor Stu Magdule, a Harrisburg resident presents the solid case against the illegal processes. It is detailed how Harrisburg City coordinated a subversion of private property rights and ownership, by using the Brownfield planning fund.

A private attorney counciling the citizen believes this could spark a grand jury investigation. The call is for the United States attorney general to intervene.

The letter was certified and sent to the following recipients:

Eric Papenfuse, Neil Grover, Bryan Davis, George Payne, Harrisburg City Council, Harrisburg Planning Commision, Dauphin County Commissioners, John DiSanto, Edward Marsico, Josh Shapiro, Jeffrey Sessions

City Council and the planning commission were sent certified copies of the letter because HRA kept them in the dark

Read the letter here

HRA Letter of Official Notice

This letter details how the city bypassed the planning commission so they could sneak money into a fund first.

They bypassed the Urban Redevelopment Act of PA.

The city planned to gentrify Allison Hill under the guise of brownfield redevelopment.

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  1. I believe There is scandal through out the city government administration, I am taking evidence where city officials have instructed city codes inspectors to harass property owners to generate income, and run private investors and tenants out of the city to the dauphin county DA for a second time the 1st time i was instructed that i had to follow the long proper chain of command, to spite all my efforts to start at the director of codes Dave Patton, police Commissioner Carter, the Mayor’s office and numerous attempts at public and city council meetings where i was promised that 2 city council members would be in contact with me, My 1st source will include a property at 37s 17th street that a new uncertified city codes inspectors and his superior Ann Montgomery assistant director of codes were at the property that was renovated by federal funding and bought by the a private citizen to move into the city, the tenants were instructed by the Inspector to destroy the property when they were forced to move out,
    The tenants have done more then $60,000 damages leaving a single mother with losses forcing her to sell the property and take losses.
    The city inspector and the assistant city solicitor then colluded with housing Court District Justice Rebecca margerum to block the case in her Court Buy hushing Russel Blust by violations in PA magisterial Law.

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