Harrisburg, PA – Where can you can get a 1st place Participation-Trophy for coming in 5th place?

Why Harrisburg City Council of course.  

By a majority margin last night, HBG City council members selected a 5th place race candidate, who the insiders contend was NOT selected due to their financial payback.

The biggest and proudest voter for Madsen came from a council member that not only is a local Antifa supporter and anarchist sympathizer, but also someone who has deep financial ties to Madsen.  

Whbg20 photo credit

Council woman Shamaine Daniels who recently fought openly in a disrespectful manner with council president Wanda Williams, has financial ties to Madsen’s 2017 unsuccessful campaign run. 

Did Shamaine cast her vote for the best candidate, or was this yet another example of back door maneuvering?  

Today there will be a vote at the Dauphin County Democratic Committee for the next nominee, and Dan Miller is expected to push for a parliamentary procedure that changes the rules for the vote.  

Dan is in favor of Madsen. 

Also of note: 

Madsen has financial ties to the campaigns of council members Wanda Williams & Ben Allatt who also voted for Madsen on Tuesday, as well as Dan Miller and the Pianka Family who has been trying to regain it’s once dominant political power.

Dave Madsen out collecting signatures with Ben

The biggest question now is: 

What will Madsen have to do in return for these favors?

Update: theBurg publishes an alternative perspective – Also in last nights vote, it was alleged that Councilman Cornelius Johnson takes orders from the mayor. Johnson nominated Ostella. Per theBurg magazine, Mayor Papenfuse texted a council member regarding who he would support.

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