Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Carrie Fowler, a candidate for Harrisburg City Council, announced this week that her campaign has secured several key endorsements.

Theo Braddy, Former CEO of The Center for Independent Living of Central PA, has recently endorsed Fowler, according to her campaign website.

This week Fowler also announced the endorsement of her campaign by the Central PA Trades Union.

The endorsements come at a time when Fowler is facing increased scrutiny of her decades-long criminal record, including assault, harassment (two counts), disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property, and numerous DUI’s.

Fowler has also been criticized for her outspoken support of legalizing prostitution in the City of Harrisburg.

Harrisburg Attorney James Ellison has gone public with the records of Fowler’s most brazen and violent crimes.

Posted by hbg100.com

Harrisburg’s News Source

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