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A Second Chance To Make History in Harrisburg’s School Board Election

We currently have multiple convicted felons running for an ‘office of trust’ in the election for Harrisburg School Board Director.


HBG Schools Exposed – Potential Mold and More Leaky Broken Ceilings 

This is a small preview of what’s to come from Harrisburg Wikileaks Vault 7 Drop

HBG Schools Exposed Part II – Officials knew of safety conditions for months

“Look at the kids walking by heroin needles while the leaders try to convince us, these photos are just a political maneuver.” – Beau Brown

Otto V. Banks Responds to Allegations of his Interest in Harrisburg Charter Schools 

For the record, I Otto V. Banks am not employed by or working for a Charter School Group who is desirous of opening up a school in the old Bishop McDevitt building.

Exclusive for Harrisburg100: Christopher Norris on Richard Soto

Richard Soto’s only motivation is self serving. I don’t believe anything has changed since” says Norris “I didn’t hear any solutions in [Soto’s] interview.”

HBG Schools Exposed in Pictures from Deep Inside Rowland Elementary

Otto V. Banks: You can start by asking Mr. James “Jimmy” Pianka and Bill Gretton. – “I went into the restroom it looks like a crime scene, the one door to the stall is missing” – Jennifer Snavley

Richard Soto Exclusive Interview with Harrisburg100

I want to do good things for my city, it’s bigger than just the school board, I have been doing good things for the city for a long time

After Soto Challenges Her Petitions, Carrie Cries Fowl in the Harrisburg School Board Election

Carrie Fowler publicly calls for Richard Soto and Cory M Williams to respectfully resign from their campaigns for elections. Responding to public outcry, Mrs. Fowler strongly believes that Soto and Williams’s campaigns for office are motivated by changing the laws in the state of PA currently making them ineligible for office and NOT on the true issue of doing what is best for our children, community, and schools.

The End of the Harrisburg School District

It is almost over. No more Cougar Pride. Trump and Devos have fueled a group of money hungry owners who have already prepared their plans to dismantle the Harrisburg School District and open publicly funded charter schools.

A 2nd Chance for Harrisburg – Interview with Gerald Welch

“I would say BAD is not a strong enough word to use”

Harrisburg School District is in a bad way. 2 schools in the district received passing assessment grades. But 9 failed.