New: Harrisburg School District Secret Policy – Split Classes and No Reporting

Harrisburg, PA – Dreadful; Terrible; Horrible; Crime Scene

“I went into the restroom it looks like a crime scene, the one door to the stall is missing” – Jennifer Snavley

Otto V Banks: You can start by asking Mr. James “Jimmy” Pianka and Bill Gretton.

These are the first reactions from Harrisburg citizens after viewing the original Facebook post by Jennifer Snavley, who recently made a visit to the school during a parent/teacher conference.

Jennifer Snavely: So I went to my daughter’s parent teacher conference yesterday (4/13/17) and this is what I seen inside Rowland school on the top floor in front of her classroom.

The 1st thing I seen was the holes in the ceiling.

Then I had to pee so as i went into the restroom it looks like a crime scene, the one door to the stall is missing (I didn’t pee and feel bad for the lil girls that have to use it) not to mention the boys bathroom smells like shit and the walls are hot pink..

Our kids spend 8+ hrs in this building 5 days out of the week. I’m a disgusted..

I know “girls on the run” is going to paint the girls restroom (not sure when) but we need to fix the problems 1st not just paint over them..

(A dozen more photos exist)

In response to this post being circulated on facebook, many concerned citizens of Harrisburg provided feedback.

Kevin Butts: I think the school board members need to do spot inspections of the cleanliness of the schools facilities after a meeting I had with two of the members they solely rely on parents complaints and do inquiry about the issues but the follow up about it getting done is what’s lacking.

Beau Brown: If this were a private company, the city codes department and city fire marshal would have shut the building down.

Otto V. Banks: The Harrisburg school district has an annual budget of $145 Million Dollars. The City of Harrisburg’s general fund budget is approximately $61 Million dollars!! Explain how a school district that is coterminous with a city has a budget that is twice the size of the city’s budget that it resides? Ms. Snavley’s post sickens me! Harrisburg needs a checkup from the neck-up if you put these same people back in office!!

Link to budget documents

Sean Guay: These figures speak to the amount of responsibility that the school board directors have. They must be held accountable by their constituents and stand tall for the students of this district.

Can you provide any insight into the various forces that influence the directors decisions. Do you believe the past failures are related to political conflicts, or due to incompetence of the directors?

Otto V. Banks: You can start by asking Mr. James “Jimmy” Pianka and Bill Gretton. I believe they would have better insight into the financial workings and missteps of the Harrisburg School Board. Mr. Gretton testified in the Attorney General’s Grand Jury Presentment. Click on the blue hyperlink “Criminal Complaint and Grand Jury Presentment.

Look for more coverage on Otto V. Banks, James “Jimmy” Pianka, and Mr. Gretton’s testimony in a future Harrisburg100 follow up. 

Jennifer Snavley’s cause to help the school has started a fund, follow this link.

Otto V. Banks: the community helps by paying its taxes. People should not have to volunteer to fix something that should be paid for out of a multi-million dollar budget that’s larger than the entire City of Harrisburg’s budget!

FOLLOW UP: PART II – Officials knew of safety conditions for months

Potential Mold & Harrisburg Wikileaks Preview

Otto V. Banks statement

Harrisburg100 calls out Raging Chicken Press

The response from Raging Chicken

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  1. These pics are nasty they need to get on top of this asap. Bcz there are kids who has asthma in Rowland. There probably mold and anything else up there. Who wants to use a bathroom like that.

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  2. I have 2 boys that go there. This is a huge concern for all of us. Smh with all the tax money that gets generated and an elementary school in the state capital city?

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  3. We all need to Vote the broad member’s out we need new leaderships this makes me sick to think our children have to see this everyday and it’s not just the bathroom there us a lot wrong with Harrisburg School’s

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  4. Suzanne Williams April 16, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    These pictures are disheartening. No ones child should go to a school that looks like this! Before you vote the board members out ask yourselves one question, why do our children think it is okay to treat their school with such disrespect? Did it look like this in August? If so, then shame on the district! If if didn’t look like this in August then shame on the children who trashed their own bathroom!

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    1. There has to be some accountability on the part of the administration who are being afforded hefty salaries. Sounds like the kids run the show in this district.



  5. You can not totally blame the school board unless they refused to fix the problem. I worked in the schools for six years. I worked in Rowland School for two years, most of those kids are good and respectable kids. The kids that write on the walls, knock out tiles and damage items??? You can never get their parents to school. If their phone numbers work and you call? They say that you are the teacher , handle it! You can not suspend them because the district does not want to mess up their numbers with the department of education !! They do not charge the kids because it would be a bad mark with the department of education. The principal should charge the parents and make it a financial obligation that the kids do not graduate unless they pay the district for the damageds

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  6. […] It has been well documented by Tim Rowbottow that Mayor Papenfuse was aware of the problems at Rowland Elementary since February, but he didn’t make a comment on the situation until the public outrage developed. […]



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